Antonio Rivodo Reveals the Secret to Achieving Passive Income

In an age where side-gigs are the norm, there are unlimited opportunities for the average person to make money. With a bit of hard work and patience, you can build a good life doing things you actually enjoy while being your own boss. There has been no better time to work for yourself. But while that prospect is appealing for some, for a select few, the real goal isn’t to work for a lifetime—it’s to achieve leveraged income where you become irrelevant to the kind of money you’re making. One person who mastered this business model is serial entrepreneur and investor Antonio Rivodo.

Antonio is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and the CEO of RivX, an ecosystem for investors in which Antonio and his team help investors generate passive incomes in the lucrative industry of trucking. RivX implements systems and has an amazing team that does the entire process for investors, from buying the truck to managing it in order to generate a passive income. Beyond his current role, the one notable thing about Antonio is that he is quite the industry hacker because he can break down any business and implement strategies and systems to make that business more efficient and profitable.

When you look at Antonio’s career as a young business owner, you’ll find very quickly that he has always aimed to build a passive income business model. Before launching RivX, Antonio successfully built organizations in the network marketing space and also built a 7-figure real estate business. With the success of those ventures and now RivX, Antonio is now on a mission to build a 9–10 figure investment portfolio.

To Antonio, an automated business model that generates income even without you in the equation is key. A streamlined and automated system without losing the human touch keeps you from doing repetitive tasks and helps you focus on activities that bring in more business. With RivX, Antonio takes it one step further for investors by providing them with a done-for-you blueprint, a plug-and-play strategy of sorts, that can help them follow a proven system to scale faster and achieve passive income in their respective industries.

Antonio’s company’s ambition is to become a household name while achieving financial freedom. RivX is a representation of who Antonio really is (Riv), which is anything he wants to be (X). Today you can be an amazing leader, and tomorrow, you can be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or maybe even an investor in private equity. It also explains his vision and strategy—Rivodo’s vision and X as the multiplier as everything he touches will grow.

While Antonio attributes much of his success to industry-specific skills and critical thinking, he says that your work ethic and mindset are as important in taking such risks in business and investment. Antonio works hard on his mindset and works on personal development every day. “Business can be very rewarding, especially at the highest levels, but it’s the days in the trenches that really makes you develop and thank God first,” says an inspired Antonio. He also adopts an attitude of gratitude and thanks his mentors for showing him the value of personal development.

Antonio serves as an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs aspiring to make a huge impact while living financially free lives. Antonio’s long-term mission is to create equal opportunity investments for the average individual who really believes he can do more in this world. By taking old and common business practices and adopting better systems, Antonio helps so many business owners take control of their destinies.

When asked about what legacy he wants to leave, Antonio candidly answers, “My ultimate goal is to be the owner of the Miami Heat Franchise, mainly because I love the sport, but also because I believe it will be part of what I want my legacy to be.”