Anniversaries aren’t a big deal…are they?

I can hardly believe it but Awesome and I are about to celebrate our one year anniversary.

Well, “celebrate” is a loose term for it. Do 30-year-olds celebrate dating anniversaries, or is that something more for like, high school kids? Should we wait until we get married and then celebrate that anniversary? I guess I’m not really up on the anniversary rules. Either way, we decided to go to dinner and then watch a movie. Which is basically what we do all the time anyway.

You know how sometimes women say things to seem more relaxed than they really are, but you know they are just lying? Like when I say “I don’t care what movie we watch” and then veto all of the choices my boyfriend makes. Well my next statement is going to sound like that, but I actually mean it: I really don’t care about anniversaries. I just don’t really see why they are so important to people. For me, I feel like it’s just another event that I have to remind my boyfriend to remember, and that’s annoying for me and annoying for him, so why even make a big deal over it?

I suppose if this was my first serious relationship I would feel differently. One of my little sisters just started dating someone for the first time, and they celebrated their six month anniversary. She was super into it, he wasn’t but went along with it to make her happy. Which is nice. If your significant other wants to celebrate an anniversary, I say go for it. Make them happy. It can only end well for you (anniversaries are a guarantee for sexual relations).

Maybe the reason I don’t value anniversaries is because people build them up so much. I’ve always been the kind of person who is more likely to reject something if someone continuously raves about how good it is. This makes me sound insane but just hear me out. For weeks my sister repeatedly told me how good the movie “Silver Linings Playlist” was. Then my dad told me how amazing it was. Then my mom gushed about it for an hour. So naturally I never want to see that movie, because they have built it up so much that it’s 100% guaranteed that I will be disappointed.

For this year we have at least agree to compromise and we are semi celebrating. My boss just gave me a gift certificate to Ruth’s Chris for helping take care of his dog so we’re going to use that and go to dinner. Now we just need to find something nice to wear because we never go out anywhere fancy.

And I’m guessing Ruth Chris probably doesn’t include sweatpants in their dress code.