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Andrea Piecuch Shares Her Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle

Looking at Andrea Piecuch, one sees not only a beautiful woman with a striking body and features but also that she exudes loads of self-confidence. Genetics must play a huge role in her looks, but there must be some secrets about her lifestyle that contribute to her beautiful skin and body.

It is always delightful to interview Andrea (@andreapiecuch).  She is chatty, forthcoming and conversation always flows pleasantly. Even though we had arranged to meet a few months back, because of the lockdown, we decided to continue with the interview and just changed the venue to an online chat from our homes.

Andrea, you look gorgeous as always. Do you have someone that helps you with your wardrobe, make-up, and hair?

No, never. This is all done with my supervision. I have many years of experience in doing my styling from various modeling stints, my participation in a few pageants, and the three years that I worked as an air stewardess, where we had to always look our best even after an 8-hour flight.


I know that you have a very busy schedule with many commitments in your role as Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2019, and your other work. Has this affected the time you have to spend on your fitness and beauty routine?

Not at all. I am a great believer in preserving beauty rather than trying too hard to change everything. That makes things so much easier because it entails no stress. I make sure that I am very active throughout the day and always eat healthy foods.

What is your favorite way of keeping fit?

I love the outdoors and my weekends always include a hike, walk, jog, or a few hours at the beach. Swimming has always been one of my favorite ways of keeping fit. However, it has been over 2 years now that I have also had three Pilates sessions a week. I love the effect it has had on my posture and I am more flexible than ever before.

I’ll never forget the first time I attended a class. I was a bit skeptical about the benefits of this more static form of exercise since I was used to a very strenuous routine from the gym. During the first class, I could feel my various muscles burning and the next day I was sore all over. I knew that I had found a whole new way of keeping fit.

What are your favorite foods?

Like every normal person, I do like to indulge in some junk food occasionally, but most days I stick to a diet of superfoods. These require less prep time and provide me with all the vitamins and energy I need to stay slim and healthy.

Which superfoods do you prefer?

Some of my favorite foods are on the superfood list so I have plenty to choose from. I love to eat salmon, but limit it to one portion a week. Whole grains are included in all my meals and I also use quinoa as a base for salads, which include loads of fresh veggies.

Breakfast almost always consists of a superfood rich shake and will include berries, depending on their season. My favorites are acai berries, because of their anti-oxidant properties, but I alternate them with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

Do you count calories when preparing meals?

No, I never have and I don’t think I never will. I stick to one portion of a light protein, which may include a boiled egg, chicken, or fish, a small portion of whole grains with plenty of veg and fruits. I also sometimes incorporate nuts and yogurt.

If you were given a choice of eating in or going out, what do you prefer?

Eating at home, I enjoy the ritual of shopping for a meal and then preparing it. I often miss family meals at home where we all participated in the preparation and then the lively chatter around the table as we caught up with the news of our day.

What is your junk food of choice?

Well, I mainly eat healthy – but have a big sweet tooth, so dessert and chocolate is somewhat of a weakness more than a choice.

So Andrea in your case there has to be more than diet and exercise involved to live a healthy life yes?

Absolutely. One cannot disregard the health benefits from a positive mental attitude and a tranquil state of being. Thoughts are powerful as they affect our emotions and reality. People like Oprah Winfrey and movie stars like Bianca Banks (@itsbiancabanks) of “Invite Only Cabo” are good examples of how to follow a holistic approach that includes a relaxed state of being through mental vitality and reduced stress. Being compassionate and giving to others and being involved in philanthropy is certainly another way to feel great – and nobody even has to know about our good deeds.

Andrea, you had a busy and eventful 2019. It was marked by your success as you were crowned Miss Universe U.S. Virgin Islands and followed by your participation in the Miss Universe contest in Atlanta. However, there was also the incident immediately after the crowning when you were accused by some of “pageant hopping.” Looking back, what do you have to say to those who accused you?

Oh, you also heard about that then, I thought we’re discussing health today?

Yes, we are discussing health – and this must have been stressful to you.

I see where this is going. You may have a point. This was entertaining for sensation seekers. Yet it was nothing that worried me at the time, nor have I dwelled on it since. It was a silly mistake made by some, who then went to the press, who failed to verify the facts. The press did not know the full facts about my residency at all and rushed ahead with. I do feel sorry for other pageants who do not understand the need for the press to whip up sensation because they can take it quite personally: I’m a businesswomen, with amazing support from my fans who prevail over little obstacles like these.

So The Wall Street Journal published news about pageant hopping and has not corrected it.  I notice they claimed that you went to the University of the Virgin Islands, but in reality, it is well known that you moved there for work and had graduated from a university in Texas years prior. They also claimed you didn’t have documents – ignoring that you submitted credit card statements dating back 6 months, a lease, and check stubs from my monthly lease payments to satisfy the eligibility requirements. How did that make you feel?

Well, they certainly did not have their facts straight and were not interested to sit down for a real interview so I could help them out with accurate information. When they called, it was basically to ask an agent a few presumptuous questions as if they already decided on their storyline.  We could have helped them to get the right story out there if they were really interested in sharing the truth as opposed to sharing sensationalism? What bigger proof of residence is there than your credit card statements showing where you’ve really been?

It is always wonderful chatting with you Andrea. In parting, what has been one of the most memorable moments for you this last year?

I could say that it was my participation in the Miss Universe contest, but when I think back over the last year, in my mind I picture the faces of some of the young girls I met in Atlanta. These adoring fans of beauty pageants show so much promise. It is up to us to be their role models because they follow us on social media and in whatever we do. For me the highlight of the past year was meeting some of them, catching up with them, and answering their questions.


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