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An Ultimate Guide to Build 0 to 10,000 Followers on Instagram

It can be very difficult and time-consuming for new Instagram accounts to get 10k followers at a brisk pace. However, there have been a few success stories that have achieved this milestone in no time.

Exceeding followers can make you an Insta-Influencer which is an elite group of individuals who set the trends and have a high social presence. They have the power of huge followings that can be used to promote their products or services. So you can get this power and earn fame with this concise guide to making 10k Instagram followers.

Having thousands of Instagram requires a systematic approach. This particular guide will give you key tips to increase your Instagram following from scratch to 10,000 and even more. Your first 10k followers are the foundation of your next million-mark because the way you attracted 10k followers will ease or complicate your further following.

Let’s get started with:


Choose the content that you think will stand out for you. These days a lot of activity is already going on Instagram and to plunge into it is not easy for a newbie unless you produce something that distinguishes you.

Do your homework by selecting a few topics of your choice for example photography, traveling, food, fashion, inspirational or humorous quotes or some specific skill. Look out for pages with huge fan following and see what makes them different than what you are planning to do initially.

Searching for relevant pages can be done with the help of #Hashtags (#Hashtags will be discussed in detail in the topics to follow). You can use SaaS (Software as a Service) like Iconosqure or Hashtagify to look for trending #Hashtags.

Instagram content has its own style of presentation and the same content from other social media platforms like facebook, twitter, snapchat or whatsapp cannot be directly imported here unless tailored according to Instagram’s friendly style.


Try to interpret what type of content your audience wants. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your audience so you may know their choice. It is possible that post that you created after diligent efforts could not grab much engagement but a post that didn’t take much time makes a blast.

A good way to judge an audience’s demand is to look for your competitors what type of posts they are generating and how the audience is responding to it.


Captions with questions are another good way to indulge your audience forcing them to spend a little time at your post instead of just scrolling. This will make them think and most of the time they would respond with a comment or a like to your post.

You can add little stories to your posts. Like something that narrates preamble and aftermath regarding your post. This way, your audience can look at the post and read to get the real feel of your intent.


Don’t just run for making followers blindfolded but respect the ones you already have in your list, this act will add to your existing followers. Your followers are your assets especially the ones who are actively engaged. They have put their trust in you for what you share.

Even 10k followers aren’t worthy if you don’t have at least 1000 true followers. True followers are the ones who can invest their time and money on you depending on if you are running a personal or a business account.

Value if someone takes out time to comment on your post, you should reply to it. You need to be conversational by replying to comments properly instead of just ‘thanks’ or thumbs up emojis. So the other person should know that it isn’t a bot sitting on the other side.


Don’t post too much and in one go so that it bombards followers’ profiles. This aspect is very important. Post little by little with a reasonable time gap between consecutive posts. This will prevent the audience from quit following you.

If you are using a business account you can utilize the Instagram native analytic platform to know the ideal time for posting so that you can get maximum engagement.

Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays are ideal days for posting since these days there is a greater probability for your post to get attention.


Your bio presents a huge opportunity to impress a new potential follower. You need to polish it as much as possible. Just as any shop front is a deciding factor for every customer whether to enter or not likewise your bio decides if you are worth following or not.

In your bio, you are restricted to 150 words to describe who you are and why you should be followed. You can use these 150 words wisely to win the trust by making it more compelling and capturing the attention of first-time visitors to scroll down and see the content.

Maintain a background theme of your account and keep a similar tone for all posts to follow, this way it will help to maintain your brand identity.


Use #Hashtags to make your posts and even bio to be searchable by those who don’t already follow you. Make a list of #Hashtags in your niche and use them wisely to make new followers.

Use #Hashtags which are being used by top influencers in your niche. By doing so, you can be on the radars of your audience. Look out for #Hashtag of the day and include them in your posts if they somehow relate to you.

Rotate your #Hashtags from your compilation in your notepad file. It will help diversify your posts to a variety of people in your niche. Instagram allows up to 30 #Hashtags per post, so use them efficiently.


Help others and help will come to you. Discuss your ideas and share your findings not just on social media but in real life too. Advice others where you believe your advice can bring a change.

Workout on the strategy of S4S i.e. shares for share. You can find groups where different people are interested in sharing for the want of sharing their content. Choose them wisely and it will be very beneficial because you will be getting followers of others who didn’t know you before.

The best way to utilize S4S is to ask for a complete post of yours to be shared on other accounts with a call for action like clicking the option of following your page.


You can identify influencers simply by looking at top #Hashtags in your niche and finding out accounts with most engagements. Remember the number of followers is not the sole criteria for top influencers but engagements matter, at least at the rate of 1-2% of followers per post.


Announcing giveaways allow followers to participate and let their friends know about your page by asking them to tag their friends as well. This is the most organic way to add followers overnight.

Following these tips, you can get 10k plus followers in a decent period of time. There may be ways of getting followers by means of bots or through unethical means but that is not a good idea and it can cost you money. Plus those followers will not be real. Even if they are active, they might not be genuinely interested in you, your talents or your personality.

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