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An exclusive interview with international photographer Cibelle Levi 

The 28-year-old, international photographer Cibelle Levi has peaked highly in her career in the world of photography. She is known to work alongside iconic models and celebrities such as Camila Cabello, James Hersey, Lucy Hale, and Tyra Banks. We have the chance to speak to her about her successes, future projects and her story.

What’s been your favorite photography campaign so far?

“I recently produced a coffee table book with Kenzie Burke, called Summer Refresh. I was inspired to photograph her, as we rebranded her I played a pivotal role in her direction by producing a photo book, supported with her recipes. It was all seamless and natural; we were both in a comfortable and beautiful state. The photos in this book are light, warm and vivid and I was able to bring the images to life – beyond what the camera takes. We were both on a spiritual journey together.”

Are there any new projects that we should look out for?

“I cannot reveal too much, but right now I am focusing on a direction where I am taking still imagery for pilot releases. I am working on a couple of pilots and it is an exciting, new photography space for me. I love being able to challenge myself and connect on many levels with my passion. Photography for me is less about finding the best light, rather finding in my subject a chemistry that can come through in my imagery.”

Cibelle Levi

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Can you tell us more about the project that supports farmers in a poor conditioned country?

“I have a personal habit, throughout my life, in which I am consistently putting people before myself and my ideas. But recently I am taking on jobs that channel my strongest goals, jobs that provide me the opportunity to tell a story with, especially ones thats allow me to dive into the depths of different cultures and projecting them to life. I love film and I am always wanting to project important messages through my photography, through my visuals. And so, I will be working on a long term project that supports a young and fruitful community of farmers and bring their essence to light.”

Who has always been a mentor to you for photography?

“At the start of my career I had sent around 70 emails to various photographers and I got a reply that I could shadow Erik Umphery. I was invited by him on a set to shoot with him and it was incredible. I was able to shadow his every move, learn from him and ask questions. Erik was so kind to me and the whole team on set. We stayed in touch and he taught me everything I needed to know about photography through kindness; which is so important to me as a person. He was definitely a mentor to me.”

Courtesy photo from Cibelle Levi website:

What work have you been doing recently in fashion?

“My work is routinely featured in the likes of magazines: Vogue US/Spain/Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour US/UK, to name a few. Last week I shot a beauty campaign with five female, empowered models, the most beautiful diverse group of models I have yet to work with in my five years. I hold a tight boundary with the jobs I accept. I deny all jobs that don’t beautify shape and color, considering diversity is one of if not of utmost importance to me. You can expect to see a great amount of diversity in my work coming, between style, project, and subject.”

What do you love most about photography?

“I love emotionally connecting with my clients and telling their stories through my lens. By taking the time to meet and connect with both clients and industry professionals, you get to learn about different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles and stories that you can bring to life. When I first traveled for photography, my work, mainly portraits at the time, attracted the likes of industry icons like Olivier Rousteing and Elie Saab. I have traveled the world through my photography career, all of Europe, to Asia, Egypt and the middle east. It has been an incredible opportunity for me to meet so many people and learn about them. I take the new perspectives and adapt them to my own life. Naturally, I am more open minded and have attracted a diverse group of close friends into my life.”

Did you always have a passion for photography?

“I have always had a passion for photography and at first I taught myself the simple techniques. I was given my first digital camera by my dad as a Hanukkah gift in 2012. I used to take photos of random things such as squirrels on the street – I’d zoom in on them and photograph them in movement. The simple act of clicking and capturing in a matter of a second, or less, was always fascinating to me. My passion grew as receptiveness to my style and eye grew. I have taken what my subjects feel are some of their favorite photographs of themselves. That is something special, and the inner parts of me yearn to continue doing so.”


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