All I Want to Do

I lay here in the darkness

and wonder all alone

Of how you and I

have become so close

You’ve told me of the good times

you’ve told me of the bad

You’ve told me of the memories

some happy some sad

And though what has happened

can never be changed

All I want to do

is put a smile on your face

I’ve listened to your eyes

so silent when they speak

And absorbed all the feelings

that lie underneath

And often times I wonder

what it is I perceive

Could it be anything

but two part harmony

I’ve known you as a loved one

and shared you as a friend

I’ve watched you as a person

one whose grown within

I’ve held you close to me

when you were feeling pain

But all I want to do

is put a smile on your face

I’ve seen you with smiles

and I’ve seen you in tears

I’ve tried to make you overcome

some of your fears

And I’ve watched all those minutes

turn to hours then to days

I’ve shared in your dreams

in so many ways

So let’s reach to the sky

for whatever remains

And please let me put

a smile on your face

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