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Age of The Kindle

As Amazon prepares for their Prime Day 2019 Kindle users have been treated to a pre-Prime price slash on the All-new Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite ($129 and $229 respectively).

There are so many of us that now own a Kindle that they have now become the norm to see on holiday as we relax on the beach or in the coffee shops as we enjoy a break. In fact, the Kindle might not be as numerous as the smartphone which started a mobile revolution, but it’s up there.

Today we have a vast amount of portable technology at our fingertips that enable us to complete many tasks that would have eaten into our busy days. We can shop and buy goods and services online, listen to music, keep up with our social media sites and even enjoy the best live online casino experience enjoying fantastic bonuses and promotional offers – all from our mobile phones at any time and from anywhere (as long as there is an internet connection!)

Sometimes though, we just want to settle down with a good book and the Kindle is the perfect device designed to bring people books and only that, it was never meant to compete with tablets and this has led to the Kindle excelling at its task.

Bringing us the choice of digital books the Kindle provides the best way of reading for many people the Kindle was first launched back in November 2007 and was up for sale on Amazon on the 19thof November selling out within just a few hours.

The original device had a 6inch E Ink display and came with free wireless connection over Sprints EV-Do network on the then-new Whispernet, but this device had no touch control as it came with a full keyboard, a speaker and a headphone socket, and expandable SD card storage.

2009 saw Amazon update the Kindle launching the Kindle 2 and this device had a more conventional, flatter design. Pages turned faster and there was better refreshing and 16 shakes of grey opposed to just 4. Later that year the Kindle 2 International was introduced which shifted to GSM for global wireless connections.

The actual Kindle Store had also expanded offering around 230,000 titles

It wasn’t until 2011 that the Kindle Touch was launched (this was the same year as Amazon branched out into tablets with the Kindle Fire). This first implementation of the touchscreen was probably the most important improvement for the e-readers dropping the navigation keys and the keyboard.

2012 saw the Kindle Paperwhite hit the store and the added illumination to the display was a major breakthrough as now people were able to read in the dark adjusting the brightness to their own tastes. This popular version of the Kindle has enjoyed 3 generations with various improvements added along the way.

The Kindle Voyage was a refinement of what Amazon had built elsewhere and then in 2016 the Amazon Kindle Oasis was announced and was a radical departure for the Kindle design by actually breaking the device down and starting all over again.

Thinner and lighter and with two top page turning buttons this device aimed for one-handed turning. The battery cover extended the life of the Kindle Voyage for up to 9 weeks.

The latest Kindle from Amazon is the Oasis and this device comes with a 7inch display screen. Waterproof and support for Audible books the price is not as big as many thought it would be retailing at around £229.99.

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