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A few reasons why sports betting has become so popular in the U.S

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The United States is home of the best ice hockey, baseball and basketball teams in the world. Its soccer league is also gaining a lot of strength and there are plenty of other sports that Americans are good at. Another thing that US residents are proficient at is gambling, something that has made Atlantic City and Las Vegas popular worldwide. Under these circumstances, it comes as no surprise that residents of this country love betting on sports, in spite of the rather prohibitive laws.

Making any game more exciting

The main reason people bet on sports is that they are given the opportunity of turning a regular game into a celebration. Even if you don’t have vested interests in the outcome of the game, you can spice things up by placing a small bet. This is a common trait to Europeans, Americans, Asians and people from all other parts of the world. Even the smallest stake can make a difference, so it’s easy to understand why US residents enjoy betting on sports.

Having so many worthy competitions to wager on is another strong incentive to give sports betting a chance. There are NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL games are scheduled virtually on a daily basis, so the action never runs out. There are very few days throughout the year when Americans will be unable to bet on their local sports. Add to this the fact that matches are being scheduled worldwide and they got another reason to sign up for an account at an online bookmaker.

Given the size and appeal of the US market, Internet gambling operators found here treat their American audience with the utmost respect and interest. The surging popularity of sports across the globe has led to a high number of new bookmakers opening shop. They compete for a shrinking slice of the cake, so they need to be more competitive and stand out from the crowd. Generous welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions are effective instruments and they are used lavishly to appeal to American players.

The Supreme Court pulls its weight

One of the main reasons sports betting gained so much traction over the last couple of months has to do with the landmark Supreme Court decision. By allowing states to regulate gambling at the local level, the most important judicial institution in the US paved the way to legalized sports betting. Governors and lawmakers who realized the upsides of legalizing the sports instead of trying to prevent the activity have already passed comprehensive legislation.

There are more states allowing players to bet on sports and many consider the prospect of joining this trend. With each new addition to the list of states where sports betting is legal, the arguments against legalizing this form of entertainment are fading. Conservative states such as Utah will probably never give in, but pretty much all the other residents of US states have good reasons to be optimistic.

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