7 Unique Ways to Get More Instagram Likes in 2020

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Anyone who uses social media wants to build a successful, engaged following. That’s kind of the point behind digital marketing. Without a significant number of followers who truly enjoy and interact with your content, the whole thing is rather pointless.

According to ViralRace, that’s why likes are so valuable to marketers on Instagram. These hearts are a physical expression of your followers’ approval. It means they’re responding positively to what you’re putting out there and that you’re doing something right. Encouraging likes can be a difficult goal to attain without some insight and strategy.

Take a look at these seven unique ways to get more Instagram likes in 2020 and go beyond the ordinary to start engaging your followers like a pro.

1. Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Introduce Your Brand

Instagram Stories Highlights lets you re-use content from your Instagram Stories in a way that allows your followers to learn about your brand. You can create tabs and organize them at the top of your feed to direct users to specific features of your company.

They let you “highlight” what you feel is most important for people to know in a manner that is easy to navigate. Try to show your best stuff to give them a taste of what they’ll find in the future and entice them to follow you. The more followers you get, the higher your chances of getting more likes.

2. Add Faces to Your Brand

People love to see the faces behind the brand. They also just enjoy seeing people in action doing things related to your brand. Inserting people into your images is a good way to appeal to human nature and to make your brand relatable. Photos with faces in them have been shown to get more engagement, so it’s definitely worth a try.

You can add posts showing real customers or even models using your products. Images featuring a member of your staff each week would give a personal view into the workings of your company. Video is also a great medium for adding a personal touch.

3. Collaborate with Other Brands

It may seem counterintuitive to work together with another brand, but this is actually something that can benefit both parties quite a bit. You’re not looking at competitors for your collaborations. Complementary businesses or ones relevant to your niche are great to consider, on the other hand.

Co-marketing campaigns can introduce your brand to a whole new set of followers and vice versa. There are lots of creative ways to collaborate. Just be careful to choose a partner whose brand philosophy is in line with your own.

4. Try to Get on the Explore Tab

The Explore tab or Explore page is a bunch of content and topics that have been selected by Instagram for an individual based on their previous actions and interests. Obviously, each user’s Explore tab will be different.

Therefore, getting into more people’s Explore tabs isn’t an exact science. However, your best bet is to work hard to tailor your content to what your current users want and respond to most.

Posts that get higher engagement tend to end up in these curated pages. Keep posting the kinds of content that your followers respond favorably to. You can even ask them through a poll or a quick question in your post what type of images they want to see.

5. Use Geotags 

Tagging your location makes it easy for people who are interested in that specific place to find you. It’s a great way to send out a beacon to new followers. Remember, the more followers you attract, the more potential likes you will get. In addition, it just makes sense to do this because posts with a geotag tend to be seen more often than general content.

Your location can be as general as a particular state or city. You can even make it more relevant to your goals by tagging a building or attraction. People can search for locations and see all the posts that fall under it.

6. Give Likes to Get Likes

While it may seem like a basic Instagram hack, it’s one that’s easily forgotten. Instead of spending endless hours trying to think of new ways to engage your followers and target demographic, get out there and do some engaging of your own.

People really do respond best to genuine compliments and interest. Start scrolling feeds of your current followers, the people they follow and even competitors.

Like and leave a meaningful comment on posts you genuinely find appealing. It’s almost a given that the users will then want to check out your profile to learn about the person or business who praised them. Chances are good they’ll follow you back and engage with your posts if they like what they see.

7. Ask for What You Want

Sometimes simply asking for what you want is the best way to get it. You can do this with a call to action (CTA) at the end of your post caption asking followers to like your post. Only use this approach occasionally, though, or it can look desperate and spammy.

A more subtle, and fun, way of asking for likes is to run a contest in which a like is a requirement for entry. Choose a prize that offers value to the entrants, and you’ll soon be getting tons of likes.

Getting likes just requires some planning and strategy. Put these tips into action, and you’ll start to see the engagement you’ve been hoping for.