7 Things You Must Do at Sandals Resort in Montego Bay 

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When visiting the Caribbean, Sandals is a fun, all-inclusive resort you’ll want to visit! There are 15 locations across this part of the ocean, but Sandals in Jamaica is where the story starts. It was built 35 years ago on a private beach on Montego Bay and has since become a must-visit for Caribbean travelers. If you’re headed there, here are a few things you should do:

1. Use a Coupon Code

Before you even book your hotel, search for coupons. The price of Sandals Resort in Montego Bay can be off-putting at first glance, but luckily, there are fantastic coupons available.

Saving big on the initial cost will leave more in your budget for extra excursions and activities. Almost everything is included in your stay at the resort, but there are upcharges for certain excursions, and you always want a little left for souvenirs.

2. Visit Both Resorts

The Sandals Resort in Montego Bay gives you the unique privilege of visiting not one, but two resorts. Both the Sandals Montego Bay resort and the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort are located in Montego Bay.

When you pay to stay at one of their resorts, you can visit and participate in the activities at the other resort. It’s called their “Stay at 1, Play at 2 Program.” There is transportation between both resorts, so it’s easy to travel between the two. This option extends your restaurant options, nightlife opportunities, underwater playgrounds, and more.

It’s slightly cheaper to stay at the Royal Caribbean resort (by about $30 per person), but there are fewer rooms, it’s located offshore, and there are fewer activities onsite. Montego Bay has more to do and more rooms.

Royal Caribbean is perfect for those who want a serene place to stay while casually participating in parties and activities while the Montego Bay resort is ideal for those who want to have everything right at their fingertips.

3. Try Nearly Unlimited Water Sports

Montego Bay is the perfect destination for your favorite water sports, and Sandals resorts offer some great options including:

  • Sailing

  • Diving

  • Kayaking

  • Wind surfing

  • Tubing

  • Water skiing

  • Snorkeling

  • Paddle boarding

  • Hobie cats

  • Aqua striking

  • Scuba diving

And so much more. They also have gorgeous swimming pools at the resort that are open late.

4. See a Show

Entertainment is generally included with the price of your stay. The resorts bring in premium talent including comedians, singers, bands, magicians, tribute groups, instrumentalists, and more, providing a wide array of opportunities for guests of all ages and interests.

They even have fun talent night shows where guests can get up on stage and perform for the pleasure of the entire audience. Check out a schedule of events when you arrive so you don’t miss your favorite shows.

There’s also plenty of entertainment during Sandals’ nightly parties. They usually have a theme each night, and if often reflects island culture. They’ll have fire eaters, acrobats, limbo dancers, full instrumental island bands, and more. The parties go late, and the drinks and food are ever present, soyou can enjoy the party as long as you want.

5. Explore the Land

If you want to spend a day outside of the resort, you won’t be disappointed! Montego Bay offers many exciting recreational and sight-seeing opportunities, including historical sites like plantations and forts. There are museums, art galleries, duty-free shopping, beaches, and fun night life opportunities.

You can also enjoy river activities like tubing down the Montpelier or zip lining above it. There are theme parks, caves, lagoons, golf courses, swamp safaris, animal reserves, and so much more. You’ll never get bored on this island.

6. Get Pampered

Nothing is more relaxing than the top-rated, exclusive Red Lane Spa at Sandals Resort. You have your choice of luxurious treatments featuring all-natural products that come from the island resources.

Luxury is the goal at these spas, so while it’s not included with the price of your stay, it will be worth every minute spent soaking in the sauna heat, relaxing under a massage therapist’s experienced hands, and hiding behind a succulent face mask.

7. Eat to Your Heart’s Content

All-inclusive means that you have access to meals, snacks, and drinks whenever you want. The resort has 16 restaurants at each resort, offering meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with snacks at any hour of the day. Many of the restaurants offer 5-star gourmet cooking—an unbelievable experience!

Unlike many all-inclusive packages, Sandals does not limit drinks. You don’t have to pay for a drink package, and alcohol is not extra. You get to enjoy as many alcoholic and soft drinks as you want at 11 bars throughout each resort. Take full advantage of all the treats offered when you arrive at the resort for an amazing vacation.

Feature photo: Flickr by Trevor Cameron

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