50 Shades of Tarot: Cups

ace cups

In the tarot there are major and minor cards, all of them have links and connections to sensuality. The Ace of Cups is the one I have chosen to look at this week especially as it relates to emotions, fluidity and fertility.

In this card we find the loving cup of sensual loving and romantic liaisons.

It reveals to us the sensual elements of kissing, sucking and the deeply passionate connection that individuals have when they are truly linked to each other.

The cup is a representation of the vagina and if placed along side the ace of wands [the penis] then everything is in place, not only for sex but also, conception too. As this is the card of fertility it often literally means just that while in other cases is can be taken to mean the gestation of a new things to come in the person’s life.

It’s the ultimate orgasm that couples reach when making love, so much so, that it can leave them very emotional afterwards. Remember too that the cups link to the water element so tears, kissing and exploring with the tongue are all connected with this card.

It is tenderness personified and the card is ultimately about caring, meaning that this is not simply a card of sex without emotions — it is the whole thing brought together which few share so, if this connects with you then enjoy and savour every minute of it.

The kiss will be very important as it is the first point of contact that leads you onto what lies ahead, this in itself can lead to climax because of its powerful connection and sexual energy.

ace cup-Reverses

If the card is in a reversed position is would seem that that loving connection that was once shared could be experiencing difficulties and ones that need to be fixed ASAP. You could feel abandoned and sense that you or your partner are not as committed or connected.

It could also mean that the sensual stimulation has taken a nose dive and you are not in the mood. This can happen after the birth of a child and just needs a little time and patience for things to get back on track again. Forcing the issue will do nothing but prevent any form of sexual contact and leaving you feeling — out in the cold.

In many ways this can also relate to someone who has hang ups from the past and is scared to have their heart broken, So they appear standoffish when deep down they just want to be held and loved.

In this case all you can do is take things one step at a time; as to think your on to a good thing here would mean they shut down immediately — slow steps, lots of gentle kissing and cuddles will soon lead to other things but be patient and caring in your ways.