5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Outside This Winter

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While winter weather may not feel quite as luxurious as the heat of the summer, cold weather does create lots of fun opportunities for the kids. Having a long break from school during the holiday season gives kids even more of a chance to play outside with their friends. Snow is great for sledding, building igloos and throwing snowballs, but there are also some important safety tips to keep in mind while the weather is freezing. Check out these 5 ways to help keep your kids safe outdoors this winter.

1. Layer Up!

Layering is so important—particularly for kids playing outside and likely working up a sweat. It’s recommended that the first layer, closest to the skin, be a wicking material to help draw out the sweat and keep the skin dry. The middle layer should be for warmth—wool or fleece. The outermost layer should be something like nylon to help protect from the wind. Accessories like a hat, gloves and multiple layers of socks are also important

2. Keep Them Hydrated

Kids may be less likely to notice thirst during cold weather than they would during the heat of the summer. Check in on them regularly to make sure they’re drinking plenty of water. Warm drinks like tea is also a great idea to help them stay hydrated while also keeping them warm.

3. Use the Buddy System

When snow comes and kids flock to the nearest hill for sledding, it’s a great idea for them to have a buddy that’s already established. Crowds can build up while playing outside, and when everyone is so bundled up it can be even more difficult to find who you’re looking for. Make sure your child and their buddy know to keep track of each other before they head out to play.

 4. Give Them Breaks

Having your kids take breaks from playing is a good idea for multiple reasons. You can check to see if the bottom layer of their clothing is dry—if not, have them change into something dry. Keeping skin dry in freezing temperatures is important for preventing cold stress. Taking a short break also means they’ll have time for a warm cup of tea or soup to rehydrate and warm up a bit.

 5. Keep Them Close By

Make sure they don’t wander off too far. Crossing roads can be dangerous in the snow as it’s much more difficult for vehicles to stop. Personal injury lawyers in Jersey City explain that some of their most commonly seen cases involve car accidents. When there’s heavy snow, it’s also difficult to see where the roads actually are. Making sure kids stay away from roads altogether is a good rule of thumb.

Keep these 5 tips in mind when sending your kids out to play this winter. Not only will they have an awesome time with their friends in the snow, but they’ll be safe as well!


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