5 Ways to improve marketing with artificial intelligence, with Avi Ben Ezra

In Data-driven marketing, there are 5 ways in which AI can be a game changer. I would like to share some insight on what we have learned at SnatchBot for the past few years, thanks to collaboration from various marketing teams around the world.

Avi Ben Ezra

The majority of experienced marketers have by now become aware of how “artificial intelligence marketing” is deemed to be the latest innovation of data-driven marketing strategy and how it is impacting the digital world. Marketers are now able to make use of artificial intelligence and this allows them to simulate highly personalized consumer experiences which is significantly cheaper than the more conventional large investment campaigns. The benefit is that absolutely every interaction which a consumer has with a solution or product is noted so that it can be used for future optimization. Since 2017 artificial intelligence marketing has been making substantial inroads into the industry. This is why it is so important for marketers to take every necessary step to understand how to better use this new innovative technology.

These are the ways in which AI can help:

Staying connected with customers

Artificial intelligence has the unique ability to go through an incredible amount of open content and to identify current trends. The benefit of this is that it allows brands and customers to interact directly with each other in real time and this is made possible through online events or conversations. The benefit of being able to communicate with consumers at the very moment while they are in the process of making a decision can make it possible to influence the decisions of the buyer. Those social conversations can now be monitored by artificial intelligence and it is possible to identify all relevant conversations.

Individual consumer profiles

The large amounts of data which is collected by artificial intelligence can make it possible to better manage consumer profiles. Marketers can now benefit from AI solutions which provide them with more explicit knowledge regarding prospective clients and other consumers and this is making it possible to deliver the best possible message at the correct time to the correct person. To successfully create a comprehensive profile requires marketers to capture data at every opportunity where there is interaction with consumers. So many other things are possible through the use of artificial intelligence and marketers can now create highly personalized content and a lot can be done to better define marketing campaigns in order to make them even more effective.

Digital advertising campaigns

Through the years there have been different approaches when it comes to the optimization of digital advertising and also issues such as account-based marketing. It is now entirely possible through the use of artificial intelligence to take things a lot further so that it is possible to analyze things better and to create a better and more accurate overall picture. Very large amounts of consumer data can be successfully analyzed by AI and it can look at social profiles, keyword searches and a whole range of other online data. All of this can result in better solutions and can provide marketers with significantly better insights and all of this is possible without the use of human resources.

Understanding the consumer better

It is now possible for marketers because of the use of AI solutions to have a much better understanding of what consumers are saying, feeding and thinking about their brands. Artificial intelligence can also be used to take a look at millions of social media interactions which will give marketers an even better idea of what consumers are saying and thinking. This allows experienced marketers to better use all of this data and to adapt specific messages or branding very quickly to ensure even greater effectiveness.

Better sales forecasting

With the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence, it is now possible to take things such as conversion management solutions and make it even more effective than ever before. It is now entirely possible for marketers to look at inbound communications and to compare them to traditional metrics. This can allow marketers to find answers to a range of complicated strategy questions. Formerly marketers were uncertain about whether a particular prospect is ready to be approached but now with artificial intelligence, there is more than enough data to provide the answer.


The incredible benefits of artificial intelligence can no longer be ignored by marketers. Now is the time to discover how artificial intelligence can substantially improve the personalized experiences of thousands of consumers. There is every indication that AI is going to continue to grow across many markets, segments and industries and now is the time for marketers to set aside resources and time to experiment with many strategies in order to ensure that they have a marketing organization which is fine-tuned for optimal functioning both now and well into the future.

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