5 Tips to Avoid a Car Accident in Baltimore

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Despite most drivers attempting to stay safe on the roads, the latest statistics show that more than 95,000 crashes occur each year in Maryland. With more than 15,000 collisions in Baltimore City alone, it’s clear that more needs to be done to prevent people getting hurt. If you want to enhance your safety, take a look at these top five tips to avoid a car accident in Baltimore:

1. Identify Dangerous Routes in Maryland

Some intersections and roads are more difficult to navigate than others, which is why more accidents seem to occur in these areas. By identifying potentially dangerous routes and high-risk roads in Maryland, you can adjust your journeys to avoid these particular highways. As a result, you’ll reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.

2. Wear a Seatbelt Everytime You’re in a Car

Wearing a seatbelt seems like an obvious safety tip but, of the 31 drivers killed in Baltimore City in 2020, 14 weren’t wearing any type of seatbelt. This highlights the risks associated with not wearing a seatbelt and also signifies that a substantial number of people don’t buckle up when they get behind the wheel. By always wearing a seatbelt – and ensuring your passengers do the same – you can help to make our roads safer.

3. Slow Down Your Speed

According to the latest statistics, excess speed contributed to more than 7,500 crashes in Maryland in a single year and caused 3,027 people to sustain injuries. While it might be tempting to pick up speed, particularly when the roads seem quiet or you’re in a hurry, it’s never worth breaking the speed limit. Instead, set off earlier, slow down and arrive at your destination safely.

4. Stay Focused While Driving

Drivers can become distracted for any number of reasons, but checking your phone, eating a snack or even talking to your passengers can result in an accident occurring. Distracted driving accounted for nearly half of all crashes in Maryland in recent years, which shows just how risky it is. To stay safe on the road, minimize distractions before you get behind the wheel and stay focused while you’re in control of a vehicle.

5. Monitor Weather Conditions

A change in weather can increase the likelihood of accidents occurring so be aware of how external conditions could affect your journey. When heavy rain causes highways to get wet, for example, it’s important to reduce your speed and allow longer braking times. Alternatively, low-lying sun can affect visibility, so wearing sunglasses, slowing down or even postponing your journey for an hour or two could help to keep you safe.

Coping with the Effects of a Car Accident in Baltimore, MD

Even when you take extra care to avoid accidents, you can’t prevent other road users from acting recklessly or negligently. Due to this, everyone should know how to cope with the effects of a car accident. From seeking medical help and reporting the incident to the police, to gathering evidence and contacting a car accident attorney in Baltimore, there are numerous steps you can take to mitigate the long-term effects of a crash.