5 Foolproof Tips to Prepare Your Garage for the Summer

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In many parts of the country, particularly in Maryland, summer is the best time to do major remodeling projects. During the months of June to September, the weather will be sunny and warm, making it perfect to do some renovation, especially when it requires builders to work outside. The first and easiest step that you can take on your summer garage door maintenance/improvement project, is to set up an appointment with a garage door repair service company in Maryland.

Aside from the fact that the weather is perfect for some sprucing up during summer, it’s also a time when families take vacations elsewhere. So, while you’re in another state or city enjoying the warm weather, your hired contractor can carry out the renovation, like a garage door installation, for you. That way you’ll come home with a fresh-looking home that’s prepped up to welcome you back.

Although some would suggest doing your renovations during spring, it’s not really ideal because it’s the busiest time for home builders. A lot of people are buying new properties and moving into new homes at this time of the year, which means that contractors will be fully booked carrying out various renovation projects.

If you follow the law of supply and demand, you’ll know that spring renovations could cost more than when done between June and September. It would be practical to have your broken garage spring replacement during these times to keep the cost to a minimum.

How to prepare your garage for the summer?

If you’re convinced to prepare your home for the summer, one of the most important areas that you should look into is your garage. Broken doors and windows could provide access to thieves and pests, which could make your home unsafe.

Take a look at these tips to prepare your garage for the summer.

1.      Check windows

Extremely cold weather in winter could cause single-pane glass windows in older homes to crack, which could eventually break the glass. When that happens, criminals will find a way to illegally enter your house and steal your belongings or worse, harm your family. Aside from that, you should also examine the window frames for chipped or peeling paint, as well as signs of moisture damage.

2.     Examine doors

Doors should also be checked if they open, close, and lock properly. Over time, garage doors collect grime, which could hamper its safe operation. This is why it’s important to hire contractors who are experienced in garage door repair.

The garage doors should also be kept clean at all times, both the outside- and inside-facing parts. You can use a layer of car wax to prevent dust build-up.

If your door isn’t working properly anymore, check if it needs a broken garage spring replacement.

Garage doors that are made of wood are also prone to rotting. You may want to add a fresh coat of paint and apply water sealant to resolve this issue. But if the problem is beyond repair, it’s best to have a new garage door installation.

3.     Lubricate all moving parts

Tracks, rollers, and hinges can lose lubrication over time, which could cause these parts to break and your door not operating correctly. But don’t use WD-40 or other similar oils. Be sure to use a lubricant that’s specifically made for doors. Also, make sure you add just the right amount as too much oil could cause the accumulation of dust and dirt.

4.     Check for wear and tear

Are the cables to your garage door frayed or worn out? Have them replaced by professionals right away. You should also check the ball-bearings, hinges, and support for wear and tear. If they are completely worn out, it’s best to hire a garage door installation expert.

5.     Inspect the insulation and weather-stripping

A properly insulated garage with weather stripping means that the place is kept dry, preventing molds from building up. Aside from that, it can keep hot or cold air from entering the garage, which could cause damage to certain things in your garage, like tools, machines, etc.

Be sure to not procrastinate on preparing your garage for the summer. If you do, this part of your house could make your home uncomfortable and cause you spend a lot of money on major repairs and replacements.








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