5 Expert Tips for Glowing Skin

The world envies glowing skin for its association with health, youth, and beauty. It’s probably no surprise that according to a study by Lycored, 72% of respondents said they wanted to achieve a healthy glow and prioritize it in their health care regime. The question is, how do you get a healthy glow without compromising on the health and quality of your skin? Following these five tips is a great place to start:

1. Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

You may already know that moisturizing your skin is the cornerstone of any good care routine. However, not all products are created equally and may be missing a key ingredient crucial to your quest for glowing skin. Look for hyaluronic acid in your products to improve your skin’s appearance and promote a healthy glow. Hyaluronic acid skin benefits, according to dermatologists, include moisturizing dry skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles by binding water to keep tissues hydrated.

The good news is hyaluronic acid already exists naturally in our skin and joints. However, the production starts to decrease in your late twenties. That’s why it’s so essential to add hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine to promote that glow you’re looking for.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

Give your skin a brightening boost by exfoliating. You’ll remove dead cells for a smoother skin surface that will reflect light and illuminate your glow. Try an exfoliant two or three times per week for optimal results. Following with a moisturizer, especially with hyaluronic acid, can improve your skin’s appearance and increase the appearance of healthy, glowing skin.

3. Up Your Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a crucial ingredient for healthy skin and can be incorporated into your topical products and diet. Consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to maximize your intake of Vitamin C and enjoy benefits like reducing inflammation, increased collagen, and faster healing. You’ll end up improving your skin condition from the inside out and give your body a much-needed rest. Boost the results of your improved diet with products that include Vitamin C for topical solutions for your skin.

4. Get More Rest

In a world that prioritizes productivity and staying busy, rest usually falls to the wayside. In reality, we need plenty of rest to prevent sagging, tired-looking skin. Experts generally recommend at least eight hours every night to care for our body and skin. Nighttime is also an ideal time to apply your favorite skincare products, where it’s less likely to become compromised.

5. Wear Plenty of Sunscreen

You can’t ignore some of the best skincare advice: Wear more sunscreen! Dermatologists recommend a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day of the week. You’re more likely to reduce the chance of skin cancers with the help of sunscreen, as well as avoid sunburns that can diminish the healthy glow you’re looking for. Instead of tanning as a way to enhance the brightness of your skin, wear sunscreen, and get regular exercise to sweat out toxins and improve the quality of your skin.

The good news is the quest for glowing skin often means living a healthier lifestyle. Focus on rest, sunscreen, and products with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to improve your skin’s quality from the inside out.