5 Drug Test tricks employees use that might not work

Are you an employer that is wondering how some of your employees are getting by and skimming through their drug tests with ease? If so, you may be able to find a way to stop that, or can you? Today there are numerous ways to skate right through a drug test unscathed, and also undetected, and that makes it hard for employers to completely rule that drug use is a cause for problems that you may be having with an employee.

What about Employees?

At the same time on the opposite end of the spectrum, this article may just give you an insight as an employee how other people in the workforce are going to pass your drug test. While it is possible apparently, you may not want to try it, because the repercussions that could follow if you “fake” a drug test or get try to get out of it and fail, can definitely not only cost you your career, but could lead you being fined, or even face jail time. With so many natural detoxification systems that help detoxify the body before a drug test, there are a lot of employees who are trying out tricks that do not work That’s why we’re writing this article though, just to give some insight for 5 drug test tricks employees use.

Diluting Urine Samples.
When you drink lots of fluids, you may have a chance of dilution of your urine sample, which will have higher water content and less visible levels of a drug in your urine. Because of this, you have a higher chance of not getting flagged with a positive result because there is so little of the drug in your urine. Some employees even add water directly to their urine sample after they’re done going.

1. Providing Substitutions
Some patients actually have been known to bring balloons or powdered urine packets online (that’s just totally gross, right?) so they can mix them with the contents of water. In order to keep their specimen warm, they usually hold them in their armpits or crotch.

2. Delaying the test
Some employees have things “come up” so they can clean up before their drug test. This is a popular form and can actually cause a higher chance for them to pass a drug test.

3. Direct Tampering
By tampering with a urine sample, some users are able to cause an adulterated specimen. This normally can buy them more time to take a drug test, but many times this method is actually dangerous, as most collection sites that can detect these ruined drug test specimens, and a person can be denied a job just for attempting or corrupting the specimen if it works.

4. Other Forms of Detox
One attempt is using food products, herbal screening methods like goldenseal, and more. One other form that they may use is by using Sure Jell Certo (fruit pectin). While some people tend to mix it with other products, there are plenty of users who will use fruit pectin by itself, then consume up to 2 gallons of water in a 24-hour period to pass their drug test in a matter of days, and they often take a multivitamin with vitamin B6 or B12 in order to add color to their specimen.


Because of how easy it is to deter yourself from failing urine tests, urine analysis is almost becoming as redundant as passing a mouth swab test. Both are becoming more and more inaccurate over time, which is why most employers will now and should offer hair follicle tests.