4 Things You Should Not Do in a Kitchen Makeover in 2021 According to the Top Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

The standard ROI from a kitchen makeover is 50% to 80% of your budget. Even a minor makeover can add noticeable value to a home. In a survey of kitchen remodel motivations in the US from 2013 to 2020, it was found that 30% of respondents wanted to redo the space since the old one broke down. Other possible reasons are deteriorating materials, an attempt to fit the personal style and boost the resale value. But diving into the world of remodeling is no small feat. It is a significant financial commitment. So, you must work with experienced planners, designers and carpenters just like the top remodeling contractor of Los Angeles like Giant Construction offer. Having their back at every step of the way can help you avoid costly mistakes. Because kitchen makeover is beyond simply picking countertops or selecting tile pattens. Knowing these common blunders beforehand will help you make an informed choice.

1.    Forgetting the Existing Architecture

You might pick bright and beautiful finishes and colors. But they could end up being a misfit with your current kitchen setup. Let the top remodeling company help you take the wall, floor, and partitions into consideration and choose the products accordingly. They can also get vendors to source the ideal materials for the project. It is vital to pick appliances beforehand as well, if you are planning to replace them too. The size of the new cabinets and shelves will largely depend on them.

2.    Poor Ventilation

Not using a kitchen exhaust fan can choke the entire household. There could be emissions and unpleasant smells. The IAQ can drop and cooking fumes make it difficult to breathe. This is especially embarrassing if you have guests over. Try to control grease with a splatter screen, get an air-purifier and operate fans effectively. All of these have a positive impact on airflow. Talk to the room addition contractors to help you ensure the right volume of air in the kitchen by altering the designs according to your needs.

3.    Poor Lighting

The top home, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling company recommend warm and inviting lights in the space. It can set the mood and tone. You can also ensure easy visibility resulting in proper cleanliness and maintenance. Add brighter bulbs and pendant lights. Install an extra window, if possible. Under-the-cabinet lighting is also a great idea. Experts usually suggest warm white/pale yellow lighting for maximum effects.

4.    Overlooking The Storage

There is no end to dishes, mixers, big and small appliances, and crockery. So, work on creative and smart storage solutions with the help of room addition contractors. Create cutting board slots, convert a closet, conceal any workspace and pick a floating cubby. These are mostly designer-approved ideas and can make the best of unused spaces. So, try not to skimp on storage and maximize every corner available. Do not forget the minor details like cabinet pulls and backsplashes.

Get in touch with the top remodeling companies in LA. A dedicated project manager will take charge of all the renovation from start to finish. You are less likely to make mistakes and ensure a beautiful kitchen for the house.