4 Situations That Call for Hiring a Lawyer Immediately

While there are events in life that you can handle on your own, others call for help from a lawyer. Without support from someone who understands current laws, legal precedents, and how to protect your rights, the outcome of those events could be less than desirable. Here are four examples of times when you should engage the services of a lawyer as quickly as possible.

DUI or Impaired Driving

A charge of driving under the influence or impaired driving can affect your life for a long time. If a conviction is obtained, expect your ability to obtain auto insurance at competitive rates to go away. You may also find that opportunities to advance your career are also limited. You may also be unable to drive for a period of time. Should charges like these be leveled at you, find the most successful DUI lawyers to fight impaired driving and make sure you follow their advice to the letter.


Even if you and your spouse have amicably decided to end the marriage, don’t think that means you can avoid hiring a lawyer. What starts out as an amicable split can quickly turn into something ugly. You should be prepared for every eventuality, even the one that you think would never happen. Should things take a turn for the worse, your lawyer will be there to protect your interests and hopefully get the details related to the division of property, splitting financial assets, and making sure child custody and support issues are fair and in the best interests of the children.

Accused of a Crime

While you’ve been accused of committing a crime and you know you’re innocent, that doesn’t automatically mean everything will be all right. Not everyone who ends up in prison actually committed crimes. In order to get through this, you need the support that only a criminal defense lawyer can give.

The lawyer will l go over the evidence, actively search for more evidence, and build a case designed to confirm that you are not guilty of the crime. During that time, you and the lawyer will work together and make sure nothing is left out of the planning. Throughout the process, you can make sure your lawyer will be on the lookout for any actions that would put your rights in jeopardy.

A Personal Injury

If you’re injured due to an accident or the negligence of another person or a company, don’t assume that the other party will rush to offer you fair compensation. In most cases, the responsible party will want to get the matter out of the way quickly while also spending as little money as possible. There may be attempts to trick you into saying or doing something that weakens your case and ultimately benefits the responsible party.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer puts a stop to that. The lawyer takes over all communications with the other party, files the suit, and handles the settlement negotiations. While you are involved in the process, the lawyer serves as your spokesperson. Thanks to the fact that you have legal representation, the odds of receiving a reasonable amount of compensation are higher.

The bottom line is that somethings you need a lawyer. Don’t attempt to cut corners or think that your situation does not merit this type of action. If you’re unsure of what needs to be done, call a lawyer and schedule a consultation today. In the long run, you’ll be glad that you did.