4 Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Aging Vehicle

All good things must come to an end. That relates to your car as well. While that used Mazda 3 that you bought several years ago turned out to be a great investment, it may be time to think about a replacement. If any or all of the following applies, now is the time to start looking.

The Fuel Efficiency is Shot

In years past, the fuel efficiency was quite good. Over the last several months, it seems as if you’re having to stop for fuel more often. There’s been no change in your usual routine, so it’s not a matter of traveling more miles. The truth is that the car is wearing out and it’s affecting the fuel consumption. Things are not likely to get better, so it makes sense to consider replacing the car before you spend even more time at the pump.

The Car Spends More Time in the Shop Than On the Road

Once upon a time, the car went to the shop for standard maintenance and that was about it. Over the last several months, it’s been necessary to take the car in for different reasons. That leaves you scrambling to find ways to get to and from work, or to handle essential errands like trips to the supermarket or the pharmacy.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the car is going to spend more time in the shop. Rather than continuing to spend more money on something that’s obviously failing, it’s time to start checking the car classifieds and find a suitable replacement. Ideally, it will be one that works as well today as your old car did several years ago.

The Ride Isn’t So Smooth Anymore

What happened to the smooth ride that you once enjoyed? Over time, it’s gotten a little rockier. It’s not just how the car idles when you’re stopped at traffic lights or signs. You find that every bump in the road seems to be felt no matter how fast or slow you happen to be going. Since that indicates the suspension system is on the way out, it’s time to think about making a change. After all, new shocks and other basics do cost money; do you really want to make that type of investment in a car that won’t last much longer anyway?

The Mileage is High Enough to Make You Anxious

You’re the reason that the mileage is at the current level. That indicates your car has been a good one and that you used to feel quite comfortable going anywhere that you like. Unfortunately, the higher mileage means that you’re less likely to take off for a weekend than you were in the past.

Rather than avoiding trips that you would otherwise love to take, maybe it’s time to invest in a newer vehicle. Go with one that has all the features that you want and also has relatively low mileage. Once you make that change, it will be easier to relax and once again feel free to go on a weekend trip if the mood strikes.

Do feel free to mourn the passing of your older vehicle. It did give you excellent service for a long time. While you mourn, it’s okay to start looking for your next vehicle and feel the thrill of finding the one that will allow you to move around freely whenever you want to take a trip.

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