4 Places a Degree in Business Management can take you

Business management is a popular degree, and for good reason – it gives you tons of life skills, which apply to almost any situation, and it leads to some of the most successful jobs in the modern world. One of the problems facing those studying a business management degree is where they should go next, not because there are no options, but because there are so many, it’s hard to choose! If you’re one of those people and want to know the variety of options at your disposal, as well as which is best suited to you, read on to find out about 4 jobs that a business management degree can offer you.

Financial Manager

Median Salary Per Year (2018): $127,990

Projected Job Growth (2018): +16%

A popular prospect for those with a business management degree is becoming a financial manager. They are responsible for offering financial guidance to clients and colleagues and advising them in the world of business. If you’re good with numbers and enjoy getting into the depth and detail of the business, this is the perfect job for you, as it requires working with financial information in plenty of detail. You also need to be able to liaise and get along with people, meaning social skills is a good skill to have. There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to where you work, including:

  • Healthcare

  • General businesses

  • Retailers

  • Charities

  • Manufacturing companies

  • Multinational companies

This gives you a really varied option for which particular sector you want to work in – charities are a popular choice for many, as although it doesn’t pay as much as working for a multinational company, for example, it gives you the opportunity to use your skills for the greater good.

Retail Manager

Median Salary Per Year (2018): $124,220

Projected Job Growth (2018): +5%

A retail manager takes responsibility for the day-to-day management of a store and has two aims: increasing profits, and decreasing costs. Those who have a logical way of doing things and enjoy challenges that require innovative thinking would love this role – not only do you need to analyze and interpret sales figures, as well as create plans for tackling current future problems, but you also need to manage stock and make sure everything is in order.

People skills are, again, essential, as not only do you front the store, but you’re responsible for looking after staff and related processes such as interviewing, appraisals and performance reviews. Being a good leader and good people person will allow you to maximize your staff effort and make your store successful. Retail management is for those who enjoy a fast-paced environment, however, and so suits people who can keep a calm head in high-pressure situations.

Management Analyst

Median Salary Per Year (2018): $83,610

Projected Job Growth (2018): +14%

Working within organizations, management analysts have a variety of responsibilities, such as:

  • Managing an organization’s growth
  • Changing or altering any plans that aren’t working for the company
  • Planning their company’s future goals
  • Monitoring the progress of their organization
  • Working with a variety of people throughout the business to understand the needs of each department within the business

This is why becoming a management analyst is such as popular choice for many graduating with a business management degree – they get to implement what they’ve learned in a variety of different settings and areas, as well as taking on a range of different tasks. It also gives them the opportunity to get to grips with the true ethos of a company and understand it from its core, thus helping it grow and develop in the best way. The key here is having a good understanding of the business you’re working for, as well as a good understanding of the sector you’re in, too, otherwise, you won’t be able to plan methods for growth and make efficient changes.

The other side of being a management analyst is the communication side – you need to be a good listener as well as empathetic, as you need to be able to see everyone’s point of view and therefore make well-informed and logical decisions. You’ll not only be communicating within the company, but you’ll also be communicating between internal departments and external parties, meaning communication is a key part of this role.


Median Salary Per Year (2018): $67,979

Although many people choose to work within businesses and companies, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t strike out on your own, either. In fact, many students graduating with a business management degree end up going solo, opting to set up their own business. This is an incredibly satisfying job, as you get to see your own idea develop and grow and ultimately take on a huge journey from the bottom to the top. However, it’s an incredibly challenging role, and can be really risky – a lot of entrepreneurs end up failing or going bankrupt.

As someone with a business management degree, you’re at an advantage to most people, as you have a wide understanding of the business world – this goes particularly for people with an MSc in business and management from institutions like Aston University, as their degree can be tailored to entrepreneurs, meaning you learn the ins and outs of this particular field – for more information, visit aston.ac.uk.

Even though it’s a challenging role, many people have done it – Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Richard Branson are all famous names we all know who managed to strike it at the top. And sometimes, in life, you need to take risks – as Walt Disney himself said:

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”

Whichever path you choose to follow in life, remember that the most important thing is that you enjoy it. You’ll be doing this job for years, so finding something you’re passionate about, as well as a company that reminds you why you went into business management in the first place, is the best way to ensure that not only you’ll be successful, but that you’ll be happy, too.