4 Foolproof Tips on Picking Successful Football Bets

Betting on football is one of the reasons why many fans attend or anticipate such a sporting event. The amount you might win when betting for this type of sports can surely help your bank account grow in no time.

While it’s easy to select a football odd and lay a dime, the idea of betting does not end there. Remember that your primary goal is to win the wagering game, then you must get the hang of it. Most pro bettors take a lot of time studying the possible teams that will play in football tournament before they decide to bet for them.

So, how do you pick football bets and eventually win? Is there a specific criterion that you need to follow so you can substantially earn?

Well, betting takes a lot of hard work, patience, time, and of course, money. To guide you on how to pick the exact football odds to bet, here are some tips you can follow.

Look for Value Bets

Some famous football odds tournaments like NFL 2020 Super Bowl Prop Bets, the value they set for each entry is higher compared to those not so popular games. The value is the first thing you must look at and consider in picking the right entry. It talks about the amount you can possibly take home if your bet wins the game.

Finding the value of each football bets you make comes in many ways. As mentioned, it may talk about the profit you will get. On the other hand, the value bet may refer to the implied probability of winning for the desired entry you would like to wager. For this reason, you need to consistently read the updated odds of each bet you make until the game day so you can keep track of how they will end their game.

Bet on the Underdogs

Many bettors, especially newbies, do not get the science behind betting on the underdogs. It is a type of gambling strategy that works in football all the time. Some of the new bettors may ask why do they need to bet for the underdog teams if there are favorites who dominated the game?

The explanation behind it lies in the Points Spread betting, which is usually used in football betting. In Points Spread, two rival teams are shown in the odds. The oddsmakers set a specific point for these two teams. The one that gets a negative sign is the favorite, and the positive sign is for the underdog team.

The reason why you should bet for the underdogs is the amount of money you can earn if they played well and win the game. The amount is doubled, more than what you wager, while if you bet for the favorite teams, your profit is a bit lower.

Pick a Close Match

Picking a closely tied match is another tip you can apply in picking your football bets. It means that you have to look for a football game where the statistics of each two competing teams are closely matched. If this happens, the oddsmaker will set a point for each team that is also close and easy to adjust.

If this happens, you get the chance to know which team you can more likely bet and win. It is because the oddsmaker can easily adjust the points given before and during the game. Besides, in a half-time break, you can also change your bet if your team is lagging behind to make sure that you do not lose too much money.

Consider the Players

It may sound unimportant to some bettors, but you have to understand that a team can’t win without the skills and abilities of the players. Of course, the goal of each team is to end up victorious; that’s why you must look into the players of the team you are betting. Check their skill sets and individual playing records.

Assess also the playing conditions of the players. Check if they are in their best forms before they get inside the field. They shouldn’t have any injuries that will affect their performance. You should also make sure that the reserved players are up to par with the main players in terms of playing abilities.


Betting in football is like betting on any other sports where you can either win or lose. There is no winning formula you can follow; however, you can take necessary steps so the odds will come in your favor. Therefore, with the tips listed above on how to pick a football bet, your wagering game will surely come as a bankable one.