3 Surprising Facts You Might Not Have Known About Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland is also called “Charm City,” and it’s a city with a small-town feel, leading to some locals calling it “Smallitmore.” Still, it’s large enough to have a multitude of breweries, restaurants, and museums. If you live there long enough, you will start to get to know the locals. Because of its proximity to the nation’s capital, it’s a popular place for young D.C. commuters because of its low cost of living. However well you think you know Baltimore, there might be a few facts you will be surprised to learn.

Get Your Finances in Line to Find a Good Deal

Many people in the United States are homeowners, but not nearly as many individuals in Baltimore own their own houses. This is partly due to many people living in poverty. Many can’t afford to purchase a home, even though they tend to sell for much less than homes in other areas. Investing in a home is still a big decision and one that requires you to save up for a down payment.

One option to help make the home-buying process easier is to take care of your school debt. You may have heard about consolidation and refinancing, which both let you use a new loan to pay off the old ones. It’s important to understand the difference between the two, and you can get a guide that explains consolidation and refinancing. If you are looking to purchase a historic home, there are plenty to choose from in Baltimore. Many of the homes in the city are in historic districts, meaning you will find plenty of homes in the Greek Revival, Italianate, or Federal styles.

There are plenty of Neighborhoods to Choose From

One of the most popular neighborhoods is Hampden, which is close to the downtown area. It’s a trendier area, with colorful homes. It boasts vintage shops and great restaurants, with a bustling, yet relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking for something more affluent, you will find it in Mount Vernon. It’s a historic area with larger mansions. Older homes will dictate a need to maintain your household during different seasons, as there are in Baltimore, but it’s worth it.

It’s one of the city’s many historic districts, and you will find cultural institutions, restaurants, and cultural centers. Federal Hill is close to some of the best of what the city has to offer, from brick row homes to views of the Harbor. Plus, it’s easy to get to entertainment and cultural options, and there are lots of local restaurants and shops in the area. It is close to public transportation, so you might not even need your own car.

It is an Independent City

Baltimore County and the city of Baltimore are two separate entities because Baltimore City is an independent city. This means the city does not belong to the county, so the city does not need to follow the county’s government structure. There are only a handful of independent cities in the country, many of them being in Virginia. The city is large enough that you might not notice any difference if you live there.