10 Unique Tips To Read More Books In The New Year

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Reading books can be expressed as entering into different worlds and wandering around there. According to many experts, people don’t read books well enough nowadays. This fact greatly affects many areas ranging from quality of life to brain development. Nevertheless, reading books can sometimes be very difficult. You may have to quit a book you picked up after a while or you cannot read it as much as you want. In this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to read more. With the 10 tips mentioned below, you will have the opportunity to read more books in the New Year.

1. Don’t Aim For the Sky

People who start reading books with great enthusiasm set high goals for themselves. Although this seems to be positive, they lose their enthusiasm and stop reading at the end when they fail to achieve their goals over time.

It is extremely important to gain habit in reading books. In order to achieve this, you should set small goals first –e.g. 10 pages per day. For book lovers, this number may be very low. If you do not fall below this number in the beginning, you will gain a habit. You can gradually increase your goals in the future.

2. Don’t Miss Opportunities to Read Books

Almost everyone has free time before traveling or going to sleep. If you want to take advantage of these times, you can read a book. This will turn into a habit after a while, and as a result, you will cover a distance in reading.

3. Read More than One Book

Reading more than one book is an option that can be tried although not suitable for everyone. In this way, you can allocate more time to the books. Reading on different topics can be enjoyable and you won’t get bored.

4. Stop Reading the Books You Don’t Like

The books that you start with a quick glance at the cover or content may sometimes not be suitable for your interests. After a while, you may say “Why am I reading this book?”. In such cases, do not try to finish the book by forcing yourself. Stop reading that book and have time for a new book.

5. Read Your Favorite Books

Choosing among the books is extremely important in gaining the habit of reading. Trying to read a book that you don’t like or that is boring to you can be a complete torture. In such a case, even if you start the book, you cannot finish it or it will take a long time to finish. This kind of experience will cool you from books. Instead, preferring quality and gripping books that match your interests will affect positively.

6. Take Time to Read

Today, life is flowing very fast. Time passes very quickly and there are difficulties in devoting time to certain things. Reading books is one of them. Many people complain that they cannot read a book because they cannot find time or spare enough time. However, it must be said that this is not a correct view. You can spend more time on social media or watch less television during the day to read a book. Remember, reading a book is not a must but it improves you and opens your horizons. At the same time, reading books has an anti-depression effect.

7. Use Technology

In the past, you had no choice but to read real (physical) books. However, the situation has completely changed today. Now there is an important alternative like e-book. Most of the book lovers state that physical books are easier to read or prefer them because of their different characteristics. However, this does not necessarily mean opposing completely e-books. Sometimes you can read these books by opening your phone in the subway or in a different area.

8. Follow New Books

Reading the right books is very important. Sometimes it can be difficult to find or choose the correct book to read. Therefore, when you enter the bookstore or browse on the internet, make sure to note it down if there is a book that draws your attention. So you can buy it in the next step and read it.

9. Join the Book Club

Communities with book lovers are one of the things that will make it easier for you to read. In these clubs, you can have discussions on books or take people’s advice. It is possible to talk to people with the same interests, to exchange ideas, and to be motivated by seeing their book reading habits.

10. Make a Reading List

When you finish a book, it is extremely important to have the next book ready. Create yourself a reading list and act on it. Thus, you do not waste time searching for books, make quick decisions and not turn to the wrong books.

Is Reading Tire Eyes Too Much?

There are many benefits of reading books, but it is a fact that it will tire the eyes of some people. In such cases, you should protect your eye health and show the necessary sensitivity. At this point, you can choose reading glasses. Especially when e-books which can be read on tablets are so widespread, anti-glare glasses have surprising benefits.

Reading glasses are not simply accessories. Their properties such as being anti-reflective, anti-glare, facilitating night reading and providing a clear vision prevent eye fatigue. If your eyes are tired while reading a book, you can try these glasses.