10 key car maintenance hacks no one talks about

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

A car represents an important part of your family, although it may not be alive and breathing. Like every other family member, the car requires constant pampering and care, to keep going without any fuss or hassle. Owning a new car can be pretty overwhelming for a driver who is just new to the automotive scene. While the one answer to solve all your car problems is definitely maintenance, every driver has to understand that taking proper care of a car goes far beyond that.

While most car review sites may tell you about only basic maintenance, the small car maintenance tricks and hacks aren’t discussed so openly.

As Americans, traveling in cars is a constant daily routine for most. As seasons change and pass by, the car’s wear-and-tear comes into the spotlight. Not maintaining the wear and tear of your car can compromise the safety of you and your passengers. Also, regular maintenance isn’t simply about oil changes or wheel alignments.

Here we have compiled 10 key car maintenance hacks taken from experienced mechanics that most drivers don’t even have an idea about. At the end of this article, you will be left thanking us for saving you the trouble of buying a new car by keeping your old car fresh..

Reuse your cereal box as a garbage can

Those who have kids may know the ordeal of constantly cleaning garbage inside the car. Wrappers, crumbs, grocery bags, and other trash on your floor mats can end up dampening your car’s atmosphere. Why not put your empty cereal boxes to good use?

Place these boxes in a convenient location inside your car and use them as a trash can. So instead of picking out each piece of trash by your hands, you can simply throw away the container once it gets full. Get additional cleanliness points by lining the container with a plastic grocery bag.

Using spare change to check your tread

Usually, it is recommended to replace your tires when your treads are 4/32 of an inch or lower. When tires reach this point, this can represent a major safety concern. Below 2/32 of an inch, you can get in trouble with the law. One convenient trick can help you decide if your tires pass the tread test.

Stick in a penny inside one of your treads, with the coin’s head in your line of vision. If you can still see the head, your treads are too low and the tires need to be replaced. If only the forehead is visible, your tires are good to go.

Manage space with a shower caddy

While traveling long distances, trying to keep your kids occupied is a prerequisite for a stress-free drive. Hang in a shower caddy or a shoe organizer in your car’s backseat.

Inside, you can store all the toys, books, snacks, and electronics in a safe and convenient place. Alternatively, you can also purchase a universal backseat car organizer for a more clutter-free backseat.

Using the seats to keep your pizza warm

If you have heated seats in your car, you have a hidden blessing in disguise. When you turn up the heat during chilly winter days, use the empty passenger’s seat as a food warmer. That way you end up reaching home with hot and fresh food every time you drive.

Leverage the pool noodle

Coming home from rush hour traffic can lead to the worst of decisions. One of them includes slamming your car’s door against the garage wall. Save your blushes by using a simple tool like a pool noodle to prevent those tacky scratches. Just cut the pool noodle into half and attach it to the wall in a position where your car’s door usually opens.

A tennis ball to park efficiently

Another common error that most drivers do similar to the door-scratching catastrophe mentioned above is pulling into their garage. Yes, many drivers still don’t know how to park their cars in a straight line inside the garage. An object as simple as a tennis ball can save you from that tussle. The next time you park your car, get out and observe the position of your car’s windshield relative to your garage.

Once you have pictured a visual marker in your head, pull your car out of the garage and hang a tennis ball from your garage’s ceiling at the same position. Position the ball near the driver’s side of the car. The next time you pull in, the tennis ball should bump your car’s windshield, giving you an indication that your car is parked correctly.

Using toothpaste to clean your headlights

Over time, your vehicle’s headlights suffer from the ill-effect of oxidation, compromising your car’s visibility. If you don’t feel the need to replace your bulbs, maybe your headlights need a little cleaning job. Squirt some toothpaste on an old rag cloth and scrub your headlights. Soak the rag in some water and start cleaning again. This method will help you remove most of the grime and dirt

Repair window cracks with nail polish

Window cracks can deteriorate your car’s exterior looks, hence it is important to get them professionally fixed before things get worse. Until you visit the mechanic, you can fill the cracked area and the area slightly outside the crack with clear acrylic nail polish. Make sure to clear any signs of dirt beforehand, and let the acrylic dry so that the crack gets sealed.

Use dryer sheets to keep your car fresh

Air fresheners are a good asset to have in your car, although most of them can end up obstructing your view while driving. Purchase a cheaper variant that doesn’t end up being an eyesore. Similarly, dryer sheets can be conveniently placed in various nooks and corners of your vehicle to keep the atmosphere fresh.

Keep your phone in place with a rubber band

Generally, it is extremely dangerous to use your phone while driving. But if you own an older car that doesn’t have any inbuilt navigation or smartphone integration app, you might need to glance at your phone for directions. In such a case, a smartphone mount is always the best option.

However, if you don’t have that either, attach your phone with a rubber band through the air conditioning vent. Put in the rubber band through the top half of the vent and pull the other side of the band from the bottom. Nest your phone in between the two ends of the band conveniently.