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Redskin’s racist name needs to be changed

It isn’t often you have the opportunity to witness factors coming together to rapidly bring about a positive change. Yet, we have that situation right now in Washington, DC.

The controversy over the name of the Washington Redskins has escalated to the point where we could actually see a name change. Several sportscasters and sports outlets have said they will not use the name Redskins at all this season. More recently, Eni Faleomavaega, the non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives from American Samoa delivered a speech on the House floor, saying he is appalled that a “slur” could be used by an NFL team.  However, I am surprised at the number of people across all races who do not want to see the name changed.

They say, “That’s what we’ve been calling them for years, so what’s the problem?”

Keeping that attitude in mind, allow me to suggest a new name. Fans who support the Redskins’ name probably wouldn’t have any problem with it. And it will get immediate national attention. Let’s call them the DC Darkeys! What? Did I hear someone say that name is racist? Oh…come on…give it a little time to catch on.

Just imagine what it will be like to watch the game and hear the announcer say things like, “Those Darkeys sure can run the ball.” It sort of reminds you of the late Howard Cosell’s  line during a 1972 televised ABC broadcast on July 29, 1972 when he commented about Kansas City running back Mike Adamle in the preseason Hall of Fame game between the Chiefs and the New York Giants.  Cosell blurted out,  “See that monkey run!” And then he used ‘monkey’ again a short time later.

Maybe they could put one of these faces on the Redskins' helmets?

Maybe they could put one of these faces on the Redskins’ helmets?

Too bad Sherman Hemsley passed away last year. He could have resurrected his George Jefferson character and done a few guest spots. I can hear him yelling, “Weezy, look at that front line. White, black, white, black…it looks like a zebra! Yo Darkeys, bust through that honky line.”

They could drop that very red faced, feather headed character in their logo and replace it with something more suitable. Perhaps the image of a man that looks like the son of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben.  That will look fantastic on a sweat shirt.

And consider this…the word Redskin has been around as long as the name Darkey. They have common roots.

Yes, it isn’t often that we can witness the elements of change coming together so rapidly. The time is perfect to field a new team in the nation’s capitol…The DC Darkeys! Everyone, chant with me…Darkeys, Darkeys, Darkeys!

By the way: Go Ravens! Now there’s a name!

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