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Receivables Performance Management Reviews

Every business understands the value of collecting payments owed in a timely manner. It’s important not only for cash flow purposes but also for financial efficiency. And that’s why it is important to manage accounts receivable, which means tracking revenue earned but not collected. Well, receivables management involves more than just payment reminders to customers. Receivables Performance Management Reviews also involves identifying the reasons for non-payment or overdue payments. There are cases where the poor management of accounts receivables can lead to bankruptcy. While businesses can manage accounts receivable on their own, it’s crucial to seek professional help.

From their headquarters in Lynnwood, Receivables Performance Management LLC offers superior accounts receivables management services for its clients. The company’s success has been validated year after year with measurable results. Since its inception in 2002, RPM has grown to over 250 employees. Its executive management team is well versed in accounts receivable management with a combined total experience of more than 180 years.

Founded by Howard George, an experienced accounts receivable expert, in 2002, RPM enjoys visionary leadership. They utilize their analytic and operational expertise, combined with state of the art technology to achieve exceptional performance for their clients.

Quality Assurance

Outsourcing can be a tough choice for some businesses, but RPM provides special attention to every client. To ensure the standards of each client are upheld, RPM offers comprehensive reports of accounts receivable to its clients. The company’s team of experts will provide customizable, measurable reports that are specific to your requests and needs. Industry specialist track and monitor all facets of your accounts receivable to provide up-to-date data and information that not only improves your accounts receivables inventory but also improves the relationship with your customers.


In today’s digital age, businesses are required to provide fast and accurate and efficient results. RPM embraces these demands by investing in state of the art technology to streamline operations and handle sensitive client information with confidentiality.


RPM understands the importance of regulatory compliance to its clients. The team of specialist work to ensure that all client accounts are up-to-date with all regulatory requirements and changes.

Excellent Customer Service

Over the years, RPM has developed a set of guidelines and core values that guide its work on behalf of clients. The principles are more of a blueprint of the service provision and customer service provided to clients.

In their delivery of comprehensive, customized recovery and payment processing solutions, RPM assures its clients of attention to detail in their work and a dedication to upholding the client’s brand reputations. The company delivers expectational results while always respecting the client’s financial circumstances.

The company also works to ensure the fundamental needs of the various diverse stakeholders including clients, managers, employees and the greater community both complement and reinforce each other. By employing a custom-tailored approach, each client is treated as an extension of RPM. Utilizing the tools at their disposal and expertise in managing accounts receivables RPM is committed to getting desired results in a manner that suits the client’s company image.



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