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Lauren Goodger happy with her body following liposuction

Reality star Lauren Goodger, who stars on Towie, admits to going to Turkey to have liposuction performed. The star wanted to get rid of her “lumps and bumps,” but she admits that she is not looking her best following the procedure.

The procedure went well, but the end results weren’t what Goodger was hoping to see.

Her waist is ultra-thin, but her bottom half is extra-large, as can be seen in recent pictures.

“I look like the bloody Michelin Man!” she said.

She claims that she looks like she is wearing a fat suit. Goodger admits to being puffy and feeling swollen, but she claims that the pictures make her look three times her normal size.

The star took to her Instagram page on January 28 to admit that she had surgery. She claims that she has no fat in certain areas at all, but then says her “arms are disgusting.” She says that her ankles and legs are swollen and stresses how much she hates them.

After all of that, she promotes a product that is meant to be a diet supplement.

The star chose to have a non-surgical procedure performed at the Elite Clinic. Instead of opting for lipo laser, she chose Vaser. Vaser doesn’t use laser technology, nor does it require a general anesthetic. Bruises were seen on her skin when she came home from the procedure.

She claims that the procedure was an “all over procedure.”

Lauren was seen wearing a waist trainer that is meant to help her midsection heal faster and produce better results. The star, who is very active on social media, released a video on February 1 showing her body five weeks post op. She claims that she is very happy with her body and urges fans to ignore the distorted “pap” pics.

The one area that she claims credit for sculpting is her backside, which despite fans suggesting she had fat implants, she claims is a result of her hard work in the gym.

Goodger is known for struggling with her weight over the years. A frequent social media poster, she often posts body photos and pictures in only her underwear to flaunt her body. She used her weight loss journey to release a fitness DVD in 2015 after slimming down to a size eight.

Her weight loss was short-lived following the DVD’s release, with slow weight loss gain that led to her revealing that she is back to a size 12. Revealing that she was scared of getting bigger, she consulted with her friends about either getting a gastric band or having liposuction to keep her weight under control.

Sporting a corset in several pictures, the star did her best to keep the swelling down following her surgery. Loving her new body since the swelling has gone down, she has teased fans with a post, stating that she “can’t wait to share with you what’s coming up next.”

Lauren has claimed that weight loss makes her miserable, despite wanting to return to her slim size. She has stated that she hates dieting and going to the gym, although she once called herself “gym obsessed.”

Towie bosses have denied claims made by Lauren that she may be showcasing her new look on the show again.

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