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Poppa: Las Vegas Police compromised crime scene by leaking photos

Poppa: Las Vegas Police compromised crime scene by leaking photos


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Stephen Paddock’s body was moved prior to arrival of crime scene investigators

Crime scene photographs of Stephen Paddock’s body, the weapons in his suite and the suite itself, were leaked to the media by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department personnel shortly

Las Vegas Police launch internal probe into leaks and promise to release a report on shooting next month

LAS VEGAS: The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have launched an internal affairs investigation into leaks to the press and also have promised to release a detailed report in

Thanksgiving Day Special – No Greater Love

Editor's Note: This is our annual column that we publish every Thanksgiving. This year has been difficult. So many lost their jobs, homes and said final goodbyes to loved ones

Outrage over GQ is tied to IQ

I did some really deep research today and found out GQ magazine has a little over 600,000 subscribers and about 800,000 readers. In other words, most people, myself included,

Incompetence led to Las Vegas massacre

LAS VEGAS: The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI said Stephen Paddock opened fire from an elevated position inside his 32nd floor suite of the Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas SWAT Team no show night of massacre, delayed entry into gunman’s room

LAS VEGAS: As police responded to the stairwell outside of Stephen Paddocks room, one officer would say over the radio, “Hold the stairwell and we’ll wait for the Zebra

Ask Sylvester Stallone if a 40-year-old man should have group sex with and masturbate in front of a minor

Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Louis C.K and the list goes on about high-profile men accused of sexual misconduct. But what about one of the biggest stars in

Amidst the Texas tragedy 3 heroes emerged

One gave her life to protect her children; one man disregarded his own life to stop a killer, and another man assisted the other in chasing the killer down. Sunday

Stephen Paddock’s autopsy report could be released

LAS VEGAS: Clark County Nevada District Court Judge Jim Crockett ruled on Sept. 28 that the coroner’s office cannot keep death records secret, because nothing in Nevada law exempts