Workout worries

Sometimes you might just be over-doing the exercise. It’s true!

My body shut off a few weeks ago and, as much as I jest about Naughty Spice taking over with the drinks and eats, in reality my body just said: ‘Enough, chill!’

Busy working out or at least I'm thinking about it. I can take breaks, you know.
Busy working out or at least I’m thinking about it. I can take breaks, you know.

The thing is, exercise can become an addiction, and I had to miss a class three weeks ago. This disturbed me – I felt anxious and fretful. But once I had missed it, and there was nothing I could do about it, it was OK…I felt like I had been released in a strange sort of way. I’d freed myself – cold turkey, if you will, from the addiction. And my body is thanking me.

I’m still working out, but I’ve changed up what I am doing, and so it is resting and recuperating – so important for this to happen.

My other concern, or worry, is injury. My job is teaching classes – abs, Zumba, toning. If I injure myself, I am done for – that’s it. My ankles have been playing up recently, and the rest and recovery period will no doubt give them some chance to heal.

And so, I am concentrating on good food as part of the recovery process, like vegetarian spring rolls this very morning for breakfast – yes, breakfast! And the odd treat – it’s OK to treat yourself, really it is!