Why so Many People Are Moving to the Sunshine State

Image by MustangJoe from Pixabay

Florida has long been a destination for Northerners looking to escape winter weather. And for years, the Sunshine State has enjoyed steady population growth. But now, it would appear as though the fallout from coronavirus has accelerated things. People are moving to Florida in record numbers.

In a recent post targeting new customers in Florida, nationwide home automation provider Vivint cited data suggesting that Florida is among the top ten states in population growth. More than eight hundred people moved there every day. With that much growth, they must be doing something right.

Here are just some of the reasons so many people are moving to Florida:

Fantastic Weather

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Florida’s weather remains its number one draw. The state’s nickname – the Sunshine State – says it all. Cities like Miami and Key West see sunshine more than seventy percent of the time. Temperatures rarely dip below freezing, so there is no snow and ice. The most serious threats are hurricanes. But if you know how to prepare, the threat is minimal.

No Income Tax

Florida is one of only a handful of states that do not collect income tax from residents. State government relies mainly on tourism to generate revenue. Taxes on everything from hotel beds to theme park tickets keep Florida’s coffers full. That is good for residents every April 15.

Wide-Open Spaces

Annual visitors to Florida only know about tourist destinations like Orlando, the Keys, and the popular coastal towns. And yet, those areas only make up a small portion of the state. There is plenty of wide-open space in Florida – particularly in the central portion of the state.

There aren’t any huge metropolitan areas either. Jacksonville is the biggest city in the state, and its population is only about 900,000. Miami is the next largest with a population of only 478,000. Most Floridians live in smaller cities and towns, some of which haven’t changed much in the last 50 years.

Lots of Things to Do

The fact that Florida’s weather is so nice most of the year means that there are plenty of things to do. If you are into water sports, you’ll never be left bored. If you like hunting and fishing, opportunities for both abound. Central Florida is the theme park capital of the world while both coasts are home to some of the best beaches in the U.S. And of course, Florida boasts the largest concentration of golf courses in the country.

Less Obtrusive Government

Given that fallout from the coronavirus crisis is prompting a lot of people to move, you can’t talk about Florida without mentioning its less obtrusive government. Tallahassee isn’t nearly as involved in daily life as the governments in some other states. Florida politicians tend to minimize their interference as much as possible.

If you are into labels, Florida is considered a red state. And believe it or not, it has actually become more red over the last 5 to 10 years. That appeals to some people.

There are other considerations this post could mention. For lack of space, the list stops here. The point is that hundreds of people are pulling up roots every day and heading for Florida. It’s such a robust market that Vivint Smart Home has targeted it for more home security and automation systems. That says something.

If you are looking to move out of state, Florida is a good option. There are likely some states you would find better and others you would find worse. Florida at least offers enough to make it worth a look.