Why Should You Choose VPS hosting for WooCommerce?

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In the modern digitalized society, speed is an important factor for the success of your online business. Today, every internet user expects a website to load in a second or two. Therefore, your slow loading website may discourage your users and force them to jump into your competitor’s website.

If you are running an eCommerce website, it becomes exceptionally important that it loads faster and generates decent search results. As it will help in attracting more users and get higher conversion rates. If you have chosen WooCommerce platform to build an online store, Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) can be a good hosting solution for you.

Let’s find out why?

For those who don’t know, WooCommerce is a popular open-source solution that runs on WordPress. Alone it has a 40% share of the global eCommerce platform market. It is easy to install and use. However, WooCommerce requires higher server resources to function properly and that can’t be offered by shared hosting or any other entry-level hosting service. VPS hosting is always an ideal hosting option for WooCommerce websites.

Since WooCommerce is an open-source plugin from WordPress, it lets you add a lot of functionalities on your online store. For instance, you can add newsletters, dynamic prices, comparison sites, payment methods, software links, etc. In Fact, these are necessary things to add to any feature-rich WooCommerce store.

And for that reason, WooCommerce site has higher requirements than a regular WP site because these applications and features will make your website a lot heavier.

In VPS hosting, you get your own virtual private server that runs by a physical server at the back end. The biggest advantage of going for this service is that you will never run out of server resources because VPS hosting allows you to scale your hosting resources any time without any need to add physical equipment. Moreover, you will not experience downtime while scaling up your resources.

How Can Your WooCommerce Site Get Benefit From Virtual Private Server

No Limitation

VPS hosting is designed to complement the growth of  WooCommerce websites. One of the biggest reason why WooCommerce users prefer VPS over shared hosting is that it poses no limitations on the growth of their websites.

As we mentioned above VPS hosting servers are designed to offer instant scaling, which is a primary concern for the most WooCommerce website owners. As your WooCommerce website will have several pages and products listed on them you can expect traffic surge. Therefore, resource scalability is an important feature. Unfortunately, it is not possible in any other hosting service except for Virtual Private Server.

Better Control Over the Server

In order to manage a large-size WooCommerce website, you will often need to take control of the server environment. And basic hosting services can’t fulfill this purpose. With VPS hosting, you get total control over your server.

There are many reputable hosting providers that give you full root access like one is www.hostinger.com/hosting-vps.

When you choose VPS server, you get the liberty to tweak server setting and design your own custom environment that can meet specific requirements of your WooCommerce website. Even if you need to add custom software or any specific ports, you can do so without waiting for your hosting provider to support it.

SSL Warnings

Stands for secure socket layer, SSL certificate is a standard security protocol that enables the transfer of encrypted information between a web server and a browser. This encryption keeps sensitive data protected.

When you choose shared hosting or any other basic hosting solution, they offer you shared security certificates to minimize their collective overhead. It is a cheaper solution but may leave your visitors exposed to security issues. And they may get a security message stating that ‘there is an issue with the website’s security. It may drive your customers away and keep them from using your website again in the future.  

If you choose a reliable VPS provider, you will get a high-quality SSL certificate that has the strongest levels of data encryption features.

Better Security

In comparison to shared hosting, VPS is significantly more secure. You can be confident that your store’s data will not be infected by Malware and other threats. The biggest reason for that is application and data stored on a VPS server are entirely separate from those of other account holders.

If another VPS user gets a Malware infection, it will not spread to your virtual server. In addition to this, with VPS hosting, you are offered a wide range of security measures, including operating system updates and patches, remote backups, server monitoring, etc.

Speed and Stability Guaranteed

Virtual private servers offer a great solution to WooCommerce websites when it comes to speed and stability. As you get a virtual server that is entirely dedicated to run your WooCommerce store, it will minimize the chances of laggy connection to a great extent.

Therefore, your users won’t experience reduced speed. It is worth mentioning here that 40% of internet users leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. We guess this is something that you don’t want to happen to your WooCommerce store. Right?

With most VPS hosting providers, you won’t encounter any issue related to stability and speed.

Liberty to Run the Applications You Want

VPS hosting offers you a complete control over your computing environment. Therefore, you can run any application that you think can help in better functioning of your store. In addition to this, some VPS providers offer you options to choose between Linux VPS or Windows VPS.

Final Words

Considering everything together, we can say if you really want your WooCommerce site to grow, you must look a hosting solution beyond shared hosting. As your online store will require more memory, storage, and processing power VPS hosting is the right way to go.

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