Why Should Small Businesses Shift to Fiber Internet?

Businesses worldwide rely on the Internet to perform various business operations and daily tasks. Whether it is managing their inventory, providing customer service to customers, improving their brand awareness, or simply getting their daily tasks done, the internet is being used all over the world. In terms of which internet technology is the fastest, most businesses have come to the realization that fiber internet is the fastest and most reliable option available. It allows businesses to perform their business operations more efficiently allowing them to be productive.

For huge businesses and corporations, switching from cable internet to fiber internet isn’t a hard thing to do since they have funds and capital available to make this happen at any time but small businesses lack resources and can only make such a transition once in multiple years. Today, we will be having a look at a few reasons why small businesses should shift to fiber internet:

A Reliable Connection That Empowers Employee Productivity

Businesses that are still reliant on traditional cable internet have to face many bottlenecks and frequent interruptions because cable internet does not have reliable internet connectivity and can go down at any time, which results in a decrease in employee productivity. Traditional cable internet uses copper cables to transmit data in the form of electrical signals and these cables are susceptible to getting damaged because of extreme weather or interference because of other electromagnetic devices nearby which can result in a slow and unreliable internet network.

When the internet connection is slow and/or unreliable, it can pull down employee productivity to a level that sometimes it completely stops. Since every business depends on the internet in one way or the other, a sloppy internet connection can prevent employees from doing simple things like running virtual meetings, processing customer orders, etc. 

This is where a fiber internet network solves all these problems. Fiber internet is several times faster and more reliable than the traditional copper cable internet network and it is not prone to interference or disruption because of bad weather. Various aspects of the fiber internet such as setting up the connection from the default gateway address,, configuring it, etc are the same as the cable internet but it allows you to access the internet at full speeds and perform various activities without facing slow speeds or connection drops, which empowers employee productivity and enables them to be productive.

Enables For An Amazing Customer Experience

Providing a top-notch customer experience is one of the ways to make your business grow, retain your customers, turn those customers into loyal customers, and gain more value from them. The way you treat your customers and fulfill their requirements speaks a lot about your brand and no matter how small or brief an interaction may be, providing the best possible customer experience is very important. When you treat customers right, they are more likely going to stick with your company and bring in more revenue for you.

Here fiber internet comes into play by making sure that your business operations are always online and whenever your customers need anything, you are able to pull it out for them. Having a slow and/or unreliable connection can be embarrassing in front of customers, especially when you have to ask them to come again another time to finalize the payment process or something else. With fiber internet, these are the things that you don’t have to worry about. Fiber internet is faster and more reliable than cable internet and what it is that your customers need help with, you can do so much faster and have satisfied customers.

A Future-Proof Technology

Switching over to the fiber internet also means that you are future-proofing your company’s infrastructure. This is something that small businesses should focus on. Making a switch over to fiber internet is a smart investment that small businesses should consider. Although you will have to buy a new router/modern, fiber internet is relatively easy to set up and configure just like a traditional cable internet network through

Once fiber internet is installed, there aren’t many things that you need to worry about regarding your internet network in the future as fiber internet is a future-proof technology that is going to last for a while. You can increase or decrease the bandwidth as per your company’s requirement and other than that, there isn’t much that you need to worry about. 

It is a long-term investment that will help you with your business operation, both in the short and long run. It is a technology that is expected to last for a while and making a switch over to it in the early days is certainly the right choice to get accustomed to it.