Why Fleets Need to be More Sustainable

Having a fleet is common in the business world. It’s how they can swiftly and efficiently deliver their products and services. You might have a fleet yourself or you’re in the process of purchasing one. Either way, it’s important that you make it as sustainable as possible. Sustainability means implementing practices that benefit the environment and its inhabitants. A company that doesn’t have good sustainability practices can see significantly less business than one that does. This can all stem from your fleet vehicles. In this article, we’ll be going over why fleets to be more sustainable.

Invest in Electric Vehicles

Unfortunately, the climate crisis has become a massive issue; the weather is warmer during colder seasons and the ocean’s temperature has skyrocketed. Why is this important? The ocean is responsible for absorbing the carbon dioxide in the air. The more fossil fuels that are burned, the more CO2 the ocean absorbs. In turn, this causes the water to become more acidic, intensifies natural disasters such as hurricanes and negatively impacts aquatic life. Most vehicles you see on the road run on gasoline to operate. The emission of greenhouse gases affects the very atmosphere. More specifically, it’s creating openings within the ozone layer and traps the heat generated from the sun. Most fossil fuels are burned by vehicles, and there are thousands of them on the road every day.

Fortunately, there have been many breakthroughs in the auto industry. There are vehicles that run solely on electricity rather than gas. Electric vehicles, or EVs, are a far more sustainable option than the traditional vehicle. Sure, they might cost more, but it’s worth the price if it means keeping the world we live in safe. Protecting the environment isn’t the only benefit to be had with EVs. Businesses won’t have to worry about using fuel cards and paying for gas to sustain their fleet. Gas prices are at an all-time high. The price does depend on the location, but on average, gas prices can cost $4 a gallon. Multiply that by the amount of fuel a car can hold and by the number of vehicles you have. Cutting out gas entirely can save you hundreds, if not thousands, every year.


Set Goals For Your Fleet

Switching to more sustainable practices isn’t something that can be completed overnight. This can take a while, so you’ll need to come up with a comprehensive plan to ensure everything goes smoothly. The first step is setting goals for your fleet. Having goals can keep you always organized and on top of everything. When it comes to setting fleet sustainability goals, you need to be realistic. You might not be able to afford a full-on vehicle swap, so your first goal should be looking for ways to reduce your fuel costs.


There are many reasons why fuel costs are so high aside from the average price. Many fleet drivers tend to fuel up more than they need to. This is usually because they’re burning gas by idling or they’re taking longer routes to get to their destination. By using telematics and a robust fleet management system, you can see where every driver is at any given moment. You can also see how long they’re operating one of your vehicles by looking at the data provided by the electronic logging device (ELD). The information provided can help you strategize shorter, more effective routes for your drivers. This way, you won’t have to worry about wasting fuel.

Sustainability Can Make You a More Reputable Business

We briefly mentioned this before, but by showcasing your sustainability practices, you can appeal to many people. You’d be surprised how many people are trying their hardest to prevent climate change from doing long-lasting damage to the world. Reducing your carbon footprint can make you more reputable as sustainable businesses are a constantly growing market. Furthermore, showing that one of your primary objectives is protecting the environment through your company can give you a serious edge against your competition. Audiences can tell when a company is trying to make a difference and just trying to turn a profit. Proving the former can put your business in a good light among the general public.