What Is CBD Oil? Uses, Benefits, & Where to Buy It

By now, every man and his dog has heard of CBD oil. This is with good reason, as every man – and even his dog, too – could potentially benefit from CBD oil. The potential of the stuff is incredible. But what is CBD oil? How is it used, and could it be of benefit to you? We cover all of this and more throughout this article.

What Is CBD? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is one of the main active ingredients in cannabis plants, along with THC. Cannabis has many effects on the body, and scientists believe CBD and THC are responsible for most of them.

THC is the ingredient in cannabis which gives the plant its psychoactive qualities. It is what makes users feel happy, hungry, and, eventually, sleepy. In short, THC is what gets you stoned.

CBD has different effects. It works upon the body’s endocannabinoid system to boost the activity of naturally occurring neurotransmitters and receptors. This endocannabinoid system is linked to a whole host of bodily functions from inflammation and the immune system to new cell production. Because the endocannabinoid system has been linked to such a massive range of bodily functions, CBD could offer potential benefits to so many problems.

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What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil is simply oil that contains CBD. Typically, it is extracted from hemp plants as these have higher concentrations of CBD. Due to being derived from hemp and containing minimal amounts of THC, CBD oil is legal in many places across the globe.

Companies offer either CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD oil. CBD isolate oil is an oil that contains CBD and no other cannabinoids.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is where the manufacturers haven’t filtered out additional cannabinoids from the hemp plant. By keeping these in the oil, the potential effects are greater due to the compounds acting together upon users.

Uses of CBD Oil

CBD oil has a couple of different uses. All are very straightforward, meaning it’s easy to get your CBD goodness.

The most common way to use CBD oil is to take it sublingually, through your mouth. You drop a few droplets under your tongue, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds and then swallow. This allows the CBD to get into your system quickly and means you should start to feel the benefits soon after ingesting.

Another option is to add it to the e-liquid for your vape. Vaping is massively popular, and by adding CBD oil to your vape juice, it can also provide you with potential health benefits. Again, it is a simple method. You add a few drops of your CBD oil to your vape juice, insert your new mixture into your vape pen, and vape, vape, vape away.

You can even experiment with adding CBD oil to your cooking. Add a few drops into whatever you are rustling up in the kitchen, and suddenly your dish has been CBD infused! Easy as a CBD pie! Drinks are another trendy option for adding in CBD oil. Just try making one CBD latte for yourself and you’ll see why.

Benefits of CBD Oil

The endocannabinoid system, which CBD oil works on, has been linked to so many of the body’s processes that CBD oil could have potentially thousands of benefits. The list of conditions that CBD oil can help with grows by the day. Here are just a few medical issues which CBD oil could potentially benefit:

We could go on and on. If you have a condition that you suffer with and are curious as to whether or not CBD oil could help, do some research on websites like Marijuanabreak and see if CBD could change your life today.

Where to Buy CBD Oil

CBD oil is readily available online. Many companies have sprung up offering CBD in lots of different guises, but almost all offer CBD oil.

As well as online, CBD oil is also available in many physical stores. Try your local health store – they will probably have CBD oil in stock.

Before purchasing your CBD oil, you should carry out a little research into the brand you are buying from. With so many companies selling CBD oil, the quality invariably changes from brand to brand. Marijuanabreak has one of the most extensive libraries of CBD brand reviews available online.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil

CBD oil has the potential to help so many people who are really suffering from everyday life. The possible benefits it can bring are nothing short of life-changing. If you think CBD oil could potentially help you, we highly recommend carrying out further research online and giving it a go! Marijuanabreak is a brilliant place to start as it is probably the web’s best, most complete, one-stop-shop for all of your CBD related info!