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What Does The Future Look Like For The Esports Industry?

Over recent years, the eSports industry has come a long way. This industry has gone from being relatively unknown to being one of the most profitable sectors of the gaming industry. With large investments and increased awareness, eSports has really grown and is set to evolve even more as the years go on. Some experts have made predictions about eSports recently and how it might progress but we thought we’d look at this topic in more detail. Read on to find out what we think is next.

New Genres Appearing

Over time, the number of genres within the eSports industry has continued to grow. Some people believe that we now have enough genres but we think that this is not the case at all. In fact, there is a lot of room for growth when it comes to eSports genres and the games that can be included in this kind of activity. It is expected that the newer genres will be those that appeal to an older audience as this industry grows and develops a new market.

Increased Investment

In order for the eSports industry to have boomed in the way that it has, it is clear that a lot of big players have been investing in this sport. However, this is not something that is set to slow down any time soon and we expect the industry to continue to evolve as larger investments come through. Some of the largest investors in eSports right now include Kohli Ventures, BrandProject Partner and Ryan Wang. With increased investment, the industry is set for big things.

Mainstream Focus on Mobile Gaming

It is clear that mobile gaming is becoming one of the more popular options for gamers around the world who like portable games that they can play when they want. Trends suggest that eSports fans like to watch games that they play and so it is expected that if mobile games increase in popularity, mobile eSports will too. This isn’t something that we expect in the distant future as it is already proving to be the case. Make sure to keep an eye on the mobile gaming sector as a whole.

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Changes In Streaming Platforms

If you pay attention to the eSports industry, you’ll know just how popular the influencers and streamers are. However, more recently, some of the biggest names in the industry have been switching platforms and trying out something new. For example, top streamer Ninja moved from Twitch to Mixer and NickEh30 from YouTube to Twitch. It is not clear yet which streaming service will prosper but we are sure that things will be shaken up in the future.

Stay Updated

One thing that we are certain of is that the eSports industry is one that is going to remain profitable for a long time. If you aren’t already paying attention to this industry, we suggest that you look a bit more closely at it in the future.

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