Veterans must act

As a United States Navy veteran, I am thoroughly disgusted with what I see going on in my country. The levels of corruption and abuse of power at the highest levels of our national government astound me. I asked myself what could I possibly do as a veteran to continue to honor the oath I took many years ago to protect and defend the Constitution.

Recently, I learned about a nationwide effort to rein in the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and return much of this power back to the state governments. In other words, return to the balance of power between the state and federal governments as originally intended in the Constitution by America’s Founding Fathers.

This nationwide effort, called Convention of States (COS) Project, also seeks to require the federal government to operate under fiscal accountability (a true balanced budget requirement) as well as establish term limits (total years of service limitation) on members of Congress and federal judges.

I said to myself, now this is an effort I need to learn more about, which I did. I am an active supporter of COS Project, and now I urge all my fellow veterans to take that first step to become educated about this effort. Support for COS Project by veterans could prove crucial to its success, so it is important to learn about the effort. In addition to the web site, inquiries and/or requests for group presentations about COS Project can be made to my e-mail address: or call (301)481-0348.  COS Project offers veterans a way to make a meaningful contribution toward fixing things for our country. May God continue to bless these United States of America!

Michael Fry

Maryland Veterans Coalition Director