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UAE to penalize traffic offenders that obstruct emergency vehicle pathways

On July 1st, the UAE Ministry of Interior announced the implication of heavy fines for drivers/ vehicles that do not give way to an emergency vehicle. To ensure that people start following traffic rules, the amount for the fine was increased to AED 3000 with 6 black points along with confiscation of the vehicle for 30 days.

This is done due to the constant increase in the number of fatalities in traffics involving emergency vehicles. A considerable number of motorists deny or fail to pull over and leave ways for emergency vehicles. Nearly 128 fines were issued in 2016 for this traffic law violation, which stands double in comparison to other fines of the similar kind issued in 2013. In addition to this, UAE government agencies have also initiated to raise awareness by organizing campaigns around this sensitive subject.

The increase in penalties has been confirmed by the Ministry of Interior and have come into effect from July 1st. The Abu Dhabi Police force is going to patrol in both marked as well as unmarked cars with the use of smart cameras to monitor people that do not abide by the law. Getting an emergency vehicle on the scene of incident on time is very important and it is essential that motorists are alert and quick to give way to them. AED 3000 might seem like a heavy fine but it is still a small price to pay for saving lives.

What are emergency vehicles?

A police car, fire truck or ambulance can be defined as an emergency vehicle. They can have white, red or a combination of both white and red lights. These lights will be constantly moving and/or blinking when responding to an emergency.

Carsellzone suggests whenever on road, you must always be alert. If you spot an emergency vehicle with the lights blinking and siren ringing, be prepared to make a stop in a safe spot and give them away to pass safely. Although you should avoid stopping in the middle of the roads or on junctions as it may create other fatalities.

Why should you leave a way for emergency vehicles?

Encountering emergency vehicles is quite common in the UAE. In a report, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services stated the number of emergency calls they receive daily is over 500. This number also constantly increases to nearly 1860 emergency calls per day in the month of Ramadan. The situation worsens when frustration builds with ambulance drivers due to not getting a pathway. In 2015, DCAS reported a total of 49 mothers giving birth in the ambulance itself due to the vehicle being stuck in traffic and not reaching the hospital on time. In some cases, the patients do not make it all the way alive to the hospitals, while mild cases get worse with traffic delays. As mentioned, this will now lead to a hefty fine of AED 3000, 6 black points and even your vehicle being taken away. In similar laws, it is illegal to drive cars that are not properly maintained, faulty systems can also get you subjected to heavy laws. To avoid that, get your car serviced regularly or if you are planning to sell my car dubai or buy a new car. It is never too late to start being more understanding and compassionate towards the sensitive topic of road safety.

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