Made for TV War

This is a made for TV war
Boldly announced to the world like the fall lineup of a major network
Its leaders… happy to tell us what was in store
The season premier was highly anticipated
Bomb blasts broadcasted in high definition
But even 1080i couldn’t show us why
I wonder how the Nielson Corporation would have rated it
Reporters embedded with the troops
Standing on the sidelines producing sound bites and video loops
Showing the world death like it was scripted
Sometimes, even they were the guest stars
Stars in this made for TV war
Oil companies became corporate sponsors
Everyday Americans were glues to their TV’s
The drama laid out and played out for our viewing pleasure
The cast traded in their Hummers for Humm-Vee’s
Wild goose chases for a buried treasure
A treasure highly sought after in this made for TV war
The network execs praised each other for their “sweeps week” success
Laid out their marketing strategy to prepare for the next season
The show’s mature content is what interest groups have tried to object
But they’ve continued to air this program by design and with no reason
No reason for this made for TV war
Folks can’t wait for the series finale
When the curtain comes down and the votes are finally tallied
We’ll see just how many awards
Are handed out for this made for TV war