Trump tramples civil rights while Senate GOP votes to end healthcare for millions

President Trump, the disgusting pig that he is, used the Boy Scouts Jamboree to spread his message of hate, propelled by his lies and mendacity. He insulted his predecessor, the same president Trump insisted was not born in the United States, for so many years. Going against over 100 years of Boy Scout tradition, President Trump turned the jamboree into a Hitler Youth-like political rally.

President Trump, the Liar-in-Chief, lied to his followers (and voters) about his huge new healthcare plan that would be better than the Affordable Care Act — lower costs, more benefits and everybody would be covered — and it was so easy it would be done on day 1 of his presidency. “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.”

Well yes, a lot of people knew healthcare is so complicated, you idiot. That’s why it took Congress nearly 18 months to create the Affordable Care Act. Now the U.S. Senate is debating just exactly how they will take coverage way from over 20 million people, including the poor, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, among others. If the Senate passes the bill and it gets reconciled in the House of Representatives and President Trump signs it, the president will have gone back on every promise he made to the minority of people that voted for the liar.

Donald Trump is a liar — and he’s also the most dangerous threat to our national security. Wednesday morning (July 26) he tweeted about a covert CIA program to arm Syrian rebels. piously, other countries, including our adversaries, don’t need to do much spying. The easiest course of action is to just goad President Knucklehead into tweeting about the secret they want to uncover. I’m sure they’re still doing a lot of spying. You can’t rely completely on the president’s tweets. He’s proven to everyone he is ignorant about every issue that faces a president so we can’t trust him to know what the hell he’s talking about.

President Trump wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions gone

He wants to fire the attorney general — the first U.S. Senator to endorse him last year — because AG Jeff Sessions followed the law and recused himself from the Russia investigation. If the Senate goes into its summer recess Sessions will be out and a new AG will be appointed in a recess appointment, meaning he or she will not have to go through a Senate confirmation hearing. And that AG appointee will no doubt have given his or her allegiance to Trump, instead of the U.S. Constitution. Which also means independent prosecutor Robert Mueller will be fired and the Russia investigation will be stopped.

To his credit Attorney General Jeff Sessions is refusing to resign,

We need to see the Russia investigation shoved down President Trump’s throat, with every perjury and obstruction of justice barb sunk deep into his lying maw.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is so disgusted with the president he’s considering stepping down from the cabinet. He doesn’t like that Trump has stabbed Sessions in the back and how Trump and his White House minions are getting in the way of the State Department. Like all the other cabinet-level agencies, the State Department is woefully understaffed, which hinders Tillerson’s ability to do his job.

The secretary’s staff insists Tillerson is just taking a few days off — he hasn’t resigned.

But, with Trump, we can’t keep up with his outrageous and unAmerican acts. On Wednesday Trump announced — by tweet of course — he was instituting a ban on Transgender people serving in the U.S. military.

His minkie at the White House press room podium, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said it was a decision based on the disruption of military readiness caused by transgender military personnel. It surprised everyone — including the Pentagon. The military quickly put out a statement that it was business as usual until they got a change in policy through the proper channels. What gives that away is how Huckabee Sanders handled the questions in her latest briefing. She didn’t know how the military was going to handle the thousands of transgender personnel currently in the military, especially those deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. What if a transgender soldier, sailor, airmen or Marine is in a mission critical job? “I dunno!”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders trying to explain Trump’s ugly tweets to the media

My first question is: where’s the data to support such a claim? There is none of course and its likely the Pentagon was caught unawares by the president’s tweets.

The second question would be: why did the president go back on his campaign promise to protect the rights of LGBTQ Americans? Most likely few (if any) members of the LGBTQ are surprised by his announcement. He is the Liar-in-Chief after all. And that question was asked in the briefing. Huckabee Sanders’ response was typically meaningless.

Representative Karen Bass (D-CA 37) issued a statement on Trump’s tweets.

“The President’s discriminatory statements released this morning are disgusting. It’s startling he would make our country less safe by recklessly preventing a group of patriots from continuing to serve their country. I proudly stand behind our transgender community as they are cowardly assaulted by the President from his social media account.”

We need our representatives standing against the horrible person occupying the Oval Office, protecting the rights of all Americans as well as their healthcare. Contact your representative and tell them how you feel about what’s going on with your healthcare and how the president is trampling on the rights of Americans.

Photos are YouTube screenshots
Top photo: President Trump addressing the Boy Scouts