Trump hints toward a World War III


United States President Donald Trump lashed out at China saying, “there is a lot more to do to hurt China”. Making it more difficult to ever hope of tensions dialing down between the two giants. Relations with China have been weak over the past for the United States but with the allegations put forward by the administrative board, it seems highly unlikely to expect peace talks to take place soon. Trump had accused Russia of tampering with the recent elections as well. There is still uncertainty surrounding these allegations and truth seems obscure. The U.S president has been targeting countries like North Korea to start a war, and soon he might get one.

The Synopsis:

U.S President Donald Trump has been showing hostile tension towards China among other countries. The situation grew more so when reports started coming in from security agencies claiming that China was involved in activities directing towards influencing American opinion against Trump. The secretary of homeland security said,

“China absolutely is exerting unprecedented effort to influence American opinion.”

-Kirstjen Nielson

As if this wasn’t enough to certify the nature of the allegations, the FBI director Christopher Wray has had a very dark view regarding the future containing China. He has expressed his concern talking about how China is the broadest, most complicated, most long-term counterintelligence threat that America faces. Chinese authorities haven’t responded yet to these allegations, at least not with such severity and hostility that the Americans have presented.

The Current Situation:

Even the White House Vice President Mike Pence has contributed his share of opinions about the matter, saying that the American people need to realize the significance of the threat that China represents. Beijing, according to him, is pursuing a complicated, comprehensive and coordinated plan to undermine Donald Trump and the opinion of Americans about him. Influencing opinion on the internet, using technology like spyware, phone tracker and more to divulge the audience into seeing negative reviews about Trump. Even if true, China isn’t the only one against Trump. Happenings and events across the country have revealed the critical situation that Americans face under the administration of a president that was found throwing paper-towels at victims of the earthquake that hit Puerto Rico.

Even inside America, AntiFa and other groups alike exist that are against the fascism and racism still present and being exercised in the country and have been making quite a fuss. Following recent events like the shootings of innocent persons of color and the recent fact that America is legalizing slavery by making more black people work in prisons than there ever were slaves a century ago, one can understand why groups like BLM are taking severe political stances. The school shootings and the issue of the AR rifles and gun control laws are making the students come out and ask the president and his administration for change.


The issues with China are nothing new in the series of allegations put forth by the US President. The only hope of the majority of the massive population reviewing these events from all over the world is to not see the beginning of a new war that will surely destroy us all.