Top Log Viewer and Analyzer Tools for 2020

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Event logging plays a vital role in modern IT systems. It is especially important when extensive networks are examined and managed, and where data needs to be collected and analyzed in real-time. Event logs are most efficiently collected and analyzed by log viewer and analyzer software tools.

Due to the growing importance of event logs and event log analysis, the tools for this procedure are vital. You need to ensure that you can effectively monitor and analyze data across different systems and servers. This will provide you with the information you need to make better business decisions on security and efficiency.

Here, we look at the essential features for log viewer and log collector tools, and we run-down a list of some of the best analyzer tools on the market for 2020.

Why Is Log Analysis Important? 

Companies need log analysis for network security and effective auditing procedures. The process of log analysis is performed to search for and rectify the events that threaten the safety of a network. Once these threats have been determined, it is possible to correct the risk and maintain security and systems efficiency.

Log analysis works because there is too much data to analyze manually. It is not easy for an IT administrator to look through generated logs to extract the relevant information. Therefore, automated log analysis and log viewing tools make the job easier.

Ideal Features of Log Analyzers and Viewers

In order to do the above job, log viewers and analyzers must be able to monitor in real-time. Log events must be seen in real-time in order to be useful determiners of problems or issues. Log viewers must have this real-time monitoring feature. Also, log viewers must be centralized and display relevant data collections in one place. It is not easy to view multiple logs from multiple sources – the centralized collection point is best. It is also useful to handle log analysis remotely when needed.

Efficient log viewers and collectors also generate detailed log alerts. Archiving systems help to store data in the right places for use when auditing is required. Log files are also held securely, ideally in a location that will not be compromised by system outages.

Best Log Viewer and Analyzer Tools for 2020 

The best log viewers and analyzer tools combine these features in an easy-to-use package. XpoLog, for example, is a simple yet powerful log collector that combines a minimal footprint with all the features you would expect in an analyzer.

Other log analyzer tools include:

  • EventLog Analyzer

  • Solarwinds

  • EventLogXP

  • Netwrix Event Log Manager.

As described above, the best log viewers and analyzers combine thorough log analysis with detailed reporting functionality. These features provide information for security checks, auditing, and IT efficiency processes. Choosing between these log analyzers can be tricky, but with a little background information and a list of your essential criteria, you can decide on a log analysis tool that meets all your needs.

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