Top Coffee Shops in Long Beach, California

Nestled along the stunning coastline of Southern California, Long Beach is a city that prospers on its diverse lifestyle, colorful arts scene, and, of course, its coffee way of life. Coffee lovers and casual sippers alike will find a treasure trove of particular, inviting coffee stores throughout the town, every presenting its wonderful mixture of flavors, atmospheres, and stories. Here’s a curated list of the pinnacle coffee shops in Long Beach, California, which are a need-to-visit for all people looking to enjoy a great cup of joe.

1. Common Room Roasters

Common Room Roasters brings a unique combination of espresso tradition and artistic expression to Long Beach. This eclectic espresso keep is embellished with nearby art and regularly hosts live music and poetry readings, offering an innovative oasis for artists and espresso lovers alike. Their espresso services are strong, presenting both conventional favorites and Mexican-inspired creations. The welcoming vibe and dedication to helping neighborhood artists make common room roasters part of the Long Beach coffee community.

2. Lord Windsor Coffee

At the heart of Long Beach’s thriving coffee scene is Lord Windsor Coffee, a comfortable, unbiased roastery known for its meticulous approach to coffee. They roast their beans on the website, ensuring that every cup served is sparkling and full of flavor. The environment is relaxed and welcoming, with a minimalist decor that encourages conversations or quiet moments with an e-book. Their menu capabilities loads of unmarried-beginning coffees and expertly crafted espresso drinks, making it an excellent spot for espresso purists and aficionados.

3. Portfolio Coffeehouse

A staple in the Long Beach network because of the Nineties, Portfolio Coffeehouse combines the warm temperature of a community café with the sophistication of a high-cease coffee bar. This spacious espresso saves now not simplest serves first-rate coffee but additionally acts as a colorful community hub, a website hosting normal events along with art shows and stay-track nights. The outside seating vicinity is a satisfying spot to revel in its huge selection of coffees, teas, and mild bites while soaking inside the bustling environment of Retro Row.

4. Steelhead Coffee

Steelhead Coffee boasts locations in Long Beach, every presenting a unique vibe however an identical commitment to exceptional coffee. The cafés source beans from pinnacle roasters and serve a lot of brews, from conventional espressos to innovative seasonal specials. The interior is modern and welcoming, with plenty of herbal mild—best for those seeking to paint or meet up with friends. Their menu additionally features regionally sourced pastries and sandwiches, making Steelhead a great choice for brunch or a casual assembly.

5. Recreational Coffee

Recreational Coffee stands out for its awareness of community and sustainability, together with its wonderful coffee. This sublime, modern-day espresso shop is understood for its friendly baristas, progressive coffee creations, and heat, inviting environment. They offer a choice of vegan and gluten-loose food options, catering to a huge variety of nutritional possibilities. With its dedication to the use of ethically sourced beans and minimizing its environmental effect, Recreational Coffee is a fave amongst eco-aware coffee fanatics.

6. Rose Park Roasters

Rose Park Roasters is a call synonymous with excellence and community in Long Beach. What started as a small roasting operation has grown right into a beloved espresso store, acknowledged for its willpower to craftsmanship and community engagement. Their café serves as a meeting region for coffee fanatics, supplying workshops and tasting events. The espresso menu features a rotating choice of single-starting place coffees and signature blends, each with a tale to inform. The environment is informal and friendly, perfect for playing a leisurely coffee smash.

7. Commodity Coffee

Last but surely not least, Commodity Coffee is a minimalist espresso bar that specializes in turning in extraordinary, sustainably sourced espresso. The space is sleek and cutting-edge, with an open concept that invites interplay among the baristas and customers. Here, the coffee is the celebrity of the show, with each cup organized with precision and care. Commodity Coffee is a haven for the ones seeking a quiet spot to revel in a meticulously crafted cup of espresso.


Long Beach, California, offers a wealthy tapestry of espresso stores, contributing to the metropolis’s colorful espresso lifestyle in its unique way. From relaxed community hangouts to chic urban cafés, those institutions cater to various consumers, imparting a wide range of stories bound by way of a commonplace thread: a love for tremendous espresso. Whether you are a resident or simply passing through, touring these top espresso shops in Long Beach is a fantastic manner to revel in the city’s dynamic espresso scene and community spirit. So take hold of a cup, settle in, and experience the flavors and testimonies that these neighborhood favorites have to offer.