Timothy Sykes: Scam or a Trading Guru?

Timothy Sykes is a name that is well known within both the world of trading and trading education. He has a whole host of various packages and services that his students can purchase in order to learn how to become a successful trader like he is. 

But the question has arisen about whether or not the training is a Tim Sykes Scam. We will discuss this below and explain what kind of guy Tom is.

It was as a student himself that Tim made his name. Whilst at college partook in day trading penny stocks and was successful in turning the $12,415 that he received for his bar mitzvah into $2,000,000. He began in 1999 during the height of the .com bubble when he has lots of spare time as the result of a sports injury.: 

Once he graduated from college, Tim set up his own hedge fund, which he went on to manage for a number of years. During these years it was continually ranked as one of the best short biased funds in the entire country. Although there was a period of time where it experienced losses, it still remained up by some percent.

The main strategy that he utilized throughout his successful career was in really short term based trades on penny stocks. So short in fact that sometimes Tim would only hold on to the stock for a matter of seconds in some cases. However, some trades he would keep a position on for a couple of days. Rather than making multiple trades, he focuses on having the best setup, and so as a result he only makes a couple of trades per week. It is very rarely the case that Tim has more than a single position open at any one time. He performs most of his buying in bull market and prefers to sell in bear markets.

After Tim retired, he wrote his biography, ‘An American Hedge Fund’ that detailed his career, as well as provided information on how to become a successful trader. This went on to become a bestseller. Additionally, Tim also dipped his toe into the television world after his retirement, starring in the TV show ‘Wallstreet Warriors’.

It was here where he received his greatest amount of exposure, and buoyed by this success, Tim went on to produce his own range of educational/instructional DVDs and subscription-based service, which he made available for purchase from his website. With these individuals were, and still are, able to learn how to become a successful trader, just like Tim.

Many of the students that have made purchases from his website have gone on to become successful traders themselves, with some even becoming millionaires in the process. Tim Grittani is one such example of a success story and has recently surpassed the trading profits of Tim himself. To show his students how success can be achieved by following his strategies, Tim often reverts to using his initial capital level of $12,000 to trade with, quickly building it up to a substantial level. It is teaching where he now dedicates most of his time rather than actually trading.

Another of Tim’s success stories is trader Steven Dux. By learning how to trade from purchasing Tim’s products and services, Steven made in excess of $1,000,000 in under a year. This was achieved in such a short time frame as a result of the many hours that he dedicated to mastering Tim’s strategies. This goes to highlight just how insightful his products and services are, but they are by no means a get rich quick scheme.

Due to the success of his students and his own illustrious career, Tim’s story has been picked up by many reputable media outlets, such as CNN Money and Fox News. This has seen him interviewed by the likes of Steve Harvey and Larry King. At heart, Tim is a philanthropist and dedicates a lot of his time to numerous different charities, such as Save The Reef, Pencils of Promise, and Karmagawa, to whom he has donated millions of dollars. Tim’s charity work has seen him establish his very own foundation – The Timothy Sykes Foundation. It is the hope of the foundation to build schools in those communities where they are needed most throughout the world.

His charitable donations are part-funded by his DVD sales. Tim’s library of DVDs includes over twenty different titles, including Tim Raw, TimTactics, ShortStocking, Trader Checklist, New Rules of Penny Stocking, Trading Tickers, and Answer Stock. These vary in price, with the cheapest (Penny Stocking) starting costing $397 and the most expensive (Trading Tickers) costing $1,800. Arguably his most popular, and best selling, DVD is How to Make Millions. It acts as a great introduction into Tim’s background as a trader, what trading strategies to use, and how the markets work. 

The idea behind the How to Make Millions DVD is to become a millionaire through trading. However, this takes lots of dedication, as you are required to watch the financial markets every day, as well as take part in several online seminars each week. Further to this, you actually require your own funds to trade with. Because you need to monitor the markets during business hours, having a regular 9 – 5 job during the working week is not attainable. In order to be successful here, and become a millionaire, many hours of dedicated hard work are needed.

Because of his dedication to helping others, any spare time that Tim has outside of work in highly precious to him. His 1,500,000 Instagram followers will testify to this fact, as he often posts photographs of him traveling the globe, staying at beautiful resorts, driving sports cars, eating at the most exclusive restaurants, and wearing the latest designer clothes and jewelry. 

On top of the numerous success stories with his students, Tim backs up any claims he makes relating to his successful trading strategies by providing real-time trade alerts, as well as being completely transparent with all the trades that he makes. These are not the actions of a scam artist, but those of a trading guru.