These 3D printed resins can be used

If you want to start 3D printing online in resin then it is useful to know that you could use multiple resins essentially. Actually, there are in total five possible resins. You will need to choose between these options. This article will function as an introduction to the resins, which is definitely good information for you to have. CNC parts online can also be done, although this is different of course. 

Standard resin

The standard resin is quite a new option actually, while it is relatively cheap as well. The material is still very qualitative. Because of this, the standard resin is also known as the perfect low-budget option. You can buy it with support, but a standard resin without support is available too. The support can be removed manually anyway, this will be done with the help of tools and sanding paper.

Gray resin

Gray resin is also known as prime gray. This is a smooth item. It is in fact much smoother than nearly all other materials that can be used for 3D printing. The grey resin is easy to paint, which is also the case for the standard resin. It could have different finishes, although the regular one is Natural Gray. This is referred to Air Force Gray as well.

Mammoth resin

Mammoth resin can be used to 3D print too. It is very suitable for massive items. The mammoth resin’s biggest possible size is in fact 210 x 70 x 80 centimeter. Even though the products could be big, they will still have high quality and smoothness. The mammoth resin is thus definitely the best choice to print a huge item.

3Transparent resin

If the three-dimensional item should be transparent, you will definitely need to use the transparent resin. The name obviously already tells you that this needs to be your choice if you want to print in a transparent material. The resin is water-resistant by nature, which of course can be useful. 

High-detailed resin

Another possible resin is the high-detailed one. It uses a technique known as PolyJet, while the other resins use stereolithography. PolyJet is a different method, which jets ultra-thin resin layers into a building platform. This way an item will be developed, which is the case since all layers will be hardened by UV light. In order to complete this process you will need to have support.