The Top 7 open-source PDF Editors in 2021

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PDF files have become the most popular document designs for sharing sensitive information on the planet over the last few years. Whether using these files for school, business or personal use, ensure you go with the elegance of the best PDF editor.

Finding the best open-source portable document format editors can be a daunting task, especially if you’re searching for a free PDF editor for altering and viewing the bulk of PDF docs. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have researched and analyzed the best online PDF editors that allow you to mix, sign, modify and add text to your PDF docs with many options.

Main Features of PDF Editor Tools

There is an unprecedented variety of file viewers and proofreaders out there, but how can a user pick out the leading features required to change a file into perfection? Read this section. We have assisted in identifying all main aspects.


Time and again, you are dealing with Word or Excel document formats. It would be of no use if it were impossible to convert these documents into whichever format suits your needs. Plenty of vendors make sure you can convert Word, PPT, JPG, and Excel into PDF and even edit PDF file for free.

Grab this opportunity now. Lumin desktop app is packed with this common feature to enable you to change those pictures, HTML files and also compress files to whichever small size to enable easier sharing.


Your supervisor has given you some work, and you have to install a document viewer. However, you soon realize that a particular section requires changes. What are you going to do to alter the document?

Suppose the document-viewer needs you to subscribe to edit. No biggie! We got you. We provide a free, easy PDF editor even for first-timers. Like many editors, our software allows image rotation, note addition or marking crucial parts.


It is so simple to change everything on a file. After connecting with a scanner, current kits recognize characters via the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) aspect and help edit physical papers. But, after accomplishing all these, is it straightforward to share the creativity?

Yes! Anyone can share their task and collaborate with peers for a flawless finish. Multiple people can comment on the same job. Changes are reflected in real-time as long as the Lumin is an easy to use online PDF editor.


What would be the importance of a supreme editor without safeguarding changes? Advances in file editors spearheaded the e-sign attribute where alterations are secured from malicious attacks.

With new technology such as cloud-based collaborations, you may want to send an altered job to other users to append their signatures. Take advantage of the Lumin PDF text editor as long as you are surfing the net or using your mobile phone to view, alter and sign important files.

The Top 7 open-source PDF Editors in 2021

Almost everyone is conversant that Adobe PDF is among the preferred open-source programs. Regardless, there are more flexible and viable open-source toolkits you may want to select.

We help you differentiate and choose the excellent kits in the current market, whether using PDF editor for pc or mobile applications.


Exemplary capabilities in dealing with PDF files can boost your CV because employees prefer individuals familiar with portable editing and design using major compute systems. As affordable as it comes, Okular helps you beat the competition in job-seeking.

Nonetheless, Okular is constrained in terms of full-document alterations. Sometimes, it is impossible to edit all file parts. With its random bugs and unfamiliarity to Adobe and Ms. Office fanatics, choose Lumin, the best PDF editor for fun and all-around experience.

PDFsam Basic

Your guess was right. This file toolkit is free and suits all Linux, Windows and Mac, customers. PDFsam Basic is a modern tool for all starters unfamiliar with portable files. Developers considered a hassle-free experience as this kit is known for its extra user-friendly UI.

PDFsam Basic is annoying for a new user, especially when saving files manually. The program only works well in Java, limiting other programming languages. A lot of customers also complain about its usual lags.


LibreOffice is among the ordinary zero-cost open-source kits in the contemporary market. This software is ideal for people wanting a stress-free editing journey. LibreOffice is never a technical-intensive option, and thus, is suitable for beginners. Its wide functionality makes it friendly to all computer users.

However, LibreOffice is never short of challenges. You can’t load big files into this kit as much as it is near-impossible to alter large documents. Customers may also be disappointed with how the software freezes in your time of need.


No one complains of rocket science in rare document manipulation in 2021. You just have to search for an open-source kit like Skim-iOS. With its one-swipe extra feature for highlighting changes, Skim is very flexible as you require little experience in smart-cropping pages.

Although Skim-iOS is among the best PDF editor mac, its uniqueness is the con. In a world full of Linux and Windows customers, everyone surely seeks a rich experience, not a gag!


If you focus on a kit that offers a freely available assortment of elements, Inkscape is here for you. With Inkscape PDF editing software, even a starter can alter animations, videos and images on your Windows pc. This option comes in handy for extra big files that involve high-quality pixels.

Although Inkscape is cost-free, it has several cons every student or professional must note. If you are unsure about CorelDraw, Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat, Inkscape is not a great choice. It is highly complex, for starters. Users have also warned of software bugs and difficulties in saving completed tasks.

Apache OpenOffice Draw

Much attention is paid to file alterations such that Apache OpenOffice Draw makes sure people can split and combine files, delete unwanted and rearrange pages, and crop or insert new pages. Office enthusiasts have a match here as this program is akin to Ms. Word’s application.

Nevertheless, Apache OpenOffice Draw is shockingly insensitive and incompatible with big documents like many open-source toolkits. Another common drawback is that this application is weak and, thus, prone to external attacks or even instant crushes.


We should not assume the importance of a PDF editor in our lives. PDFedit is applied in manipulating and sharing newsletters, ads, press statements and reports. The free PDFedit comes as the difference between an extremely remarkable presentation and a good presentation.

Even though this software fits computer customers, a few main features may fail. When dealing with a job, you will likely receive constant bug notifications and difficulties viewing and altering those crucial documents. However, Lumin has fixed all limitations, and it is now easy to edit PDF file online if an offline editor crushes.


Whether you want to alter or edit PDF online free, this article provides you with a list of PDF editing solutions that deliver all the basic editing features and functionality you’ll ever need. With the advancement of different modes of databases and forms, there’s a high demand for their editors. Most people prefer a PDF editor, such as Lumin free PDF editor, compared to the clanky and premium office programs.

With a PDF editor app, you may import, view, modify and merge your PDF documents without having any difficulties. This detailed guide has gathered the best 7 PDF editors alongside their pros and cons so that everyone can binge on multiple PDF choices.