The Chronicles of Jean-Pierre Augustin: An Exclusive Insight

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Jean-Pierre Augustin originally became interested in boxing as a form of self defense, but grew to love the sport due to all the challenges it presented. “Being the best and competing against the best has a way of lighting a fire inside of you,” the heavyweight boxer stated in an exclusive interview. The boxer and actor, who usually keeps out of the public eye, agreed to share some insights with us. 

Another Day in the Office

The prominent heavyweight boxer’s popularity spiked significantly in the last couple of years, earning him a reputation of having a “diamond” chin. When asked about this, Jean-Pierre simply said: ‘’Each and every heavyweight you talk to has been buzzed and hurt, even if they don’t admit it…but I have never shown it’.” He continues, ‘’The heavyweight division is really flourishing right now… Whether it is Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, or Anthony Joshua, only time will tell. I just want to get into the mix and solidify my place among the world’s best.”

Talk of possible matches between Augustin, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have been floating around. In response to how he would prepare for a possible match with these opponents, Jean-Pierrre coolly stated: “I’d prepare for them like I would prepare for anyone else. It’s not always the opponent that makes a match difficult because the magnitude of the event can weigh on the mind as well, so it’s just treating it as another day in the office.” 

Having his first amateur boxing match and win at 14 years old, Jean-Pierre would go on to amass an impressive record of 56 wins to 12 losses in the light heavyweight category. He became the Regional Golden Gloves and the State PAL boxing champion and represented Haiti in the 2012 Olympics, before turning professional in 2014. He notes that, “Being able to represent your country is an amazing feeling. My goal is to help develop a state-of-the-art Olympic training facility in Haiti and give athletes there a much better chance at international competitions.” 

Athlete and Actor

Among his impressive athletic achievements Jean-Pierre also holds some movie credits to his name. With a chuckle, he recalls how his first film appearance happened: “I landed my first role of “Gilbert Dele” in the movie ‘Bleed For This’ after being reached out to by a casting agent. I went to the audition not  knowing what to expect and thought I made a fool of myself, but before I could even get back to my car I got a call from the producer himself offering the role.” The movie is based on American former professional boxer Vinny Pazienza’s comeback from a spinal injury. The boxer is known to never have been knocked out.  

Two additional roles soon followed that would see Jean-Pierre take on the persona of “Big John Tate” in Heart, Baby!  John Tate was the WBA heavyweight champion of the world from 1979 to 1980 and won a bronze medal in the heavyweight division at the 1976 Summer Olympics. In 1998 Tate died from injuries sustained when the pickup truck crashed into a utility pole. It was determined that Tate had suffered a massive stroke, caused by a brain tumor while driving. 

Augustin would appear again on the silver screen in the film Vault, this time as an inmate. The film is a 2019 America crime, drama, and thriller directed by Tom Denucci. It is based on the Bonded Vault heist in 1975, Rhode Island. 

Living for a Legacy 

“I would want my legacy to be remembered as a maverick, a pioneer, someone who always marched to the beat of their own drum. Someone that wasn’t afraid to take risks or challenge themselves,” Jean-Pierre remarked. Commenting on why he chose to juggle boxing and acting, the distinguished boxer responded:‘’Why should we not all do everything we can in pursuit of greatness? No one knows what I can or can not do, and no one can tell me what to do.’’ He continues: “I have always believed in myself, even when I didn’t have reason to because I always knew I would end up where I’m going.”