Ten Tips to Make Your Dog Look and Feel His Best

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Like all dog owners, you love your dog and want him to know exactly how much in any way that you possibly can. If you have a strong desire to give your dog the best and make him look and feel great, then it’s time to get some dog grooming tools and products to use. Not sure where to start, let alone know how to clean dog paws or clip nails? No problem. Check out our ten tips on how you can get started on making your dog look and feel his best with grooming.

What to Look for in Dog Grooming Products?

When you’re looking for the best dog grooming products to use for your furry friend, it’s important to pay attention to quality and safety. Don’t compromise and use a human brush or shampoo for your dog ; these tools and products aren’t meant for a dog’s individual needs so you may end up hurting more than helping. Look for all natural dog products that boast a clear list of ingredients so that you know exactly what’s going on or in your dog.

How to Make Your Dog Look and Feel His Best

  1. Clean your dog’s paws. Your dog’s paws should be checked frequently to make sure that they don’t have any wounds or infections. Be sure to remove any debris from between their footpads, and to clean the fur that may be between them with a paw cleaner. The best paw moisturizer for dogs will use natural ingredients to keep their paws clean and healthy.
  2. Soothe your dog’s snout. Your dog’s snout may become crusty, chapped, or cracked from windburn, extreme weather conditions, dry skin, or other drying situations. Applying a dog snout soother balm onto your dog’s nose and snout will help it to be soft, hydrated, and protected.
  3. Get rid of dead hair. How often a dog sheds will usually depend on the type of coat they have. Choose the right dog brush for their coat and use a deshedding tool to remove any dead hair that may be causing your dog to be itchy and inhibit healthy hair growth.
  4. Make your dog’s coat shine. Like brushing, how often you bathe your dog depends on their coat. Bathing your dog often enough with a natural dog shampoo will help to remove loose hair and debris, making their coat healthier and shinier.
  5. Clip your dog’s nails. This can be tricky, so be sure to consult with your vet on how to best clip your dog’s nails. Generally, you should keep your dog’s nails just short enough not to touch the ground when they stand straight. Be aware and don’t trim them too short; you may accidentally clip the skin.
  6. Trim any overgrown hair. If your dog has hair that can grow over its eyes, it’s a good idea to trim that hair, so it doesn’t get in the way of their eyes. Extra hair can also cause eye irritation. When trimming, be sure to use blunt-nosed safety scissors to be safe.
  7. Keep your dog’s teeth clean. To make sure that your dog’s teeth stay clean and white, provide them with safe chew items like dental chew treats and chew toys.
  8. Wipe your dog’s ears weekly. Using a moist cotton ball or a soft cloth, wipe inside of your dog’s ears and check for any signs of redness, swelling, debris, or discharge. This is especially important after bathing or swimming because the accumulation of moisture may lead to irritation.
  9. Feed him the tastiest dog treats. If your dog isn’t entirely comfortable with being groomed and the practice stresses him out, it’s a good idea to praise him and treat him to reward calm behavior.
  10. Keep your dog’s water fresh. Anything that falls into your dog’s water bowl can make it taste weird, so make sure to dump it out and replace it with clean water before every meal. If a dog is averted to his water, he may be less inclined to drink it and become dehydrated.

Where to Find the Best Dog Grooming Tools

Dog grooming tools are plentiful in the market of pet products, but not every dog grooming tool is created equal. Some brushes are more effective than others, while some shampoos and balms may have chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your dog.

Be sure to shop at a pet product store that emphasizes quality, health, and safety with every product. If you find a store claiming that they have the “best paw moisturizer for dogs,” be sure to look into precisely what ingredients they’re using. We recommend looking for a store that sells paw cleaner, dog snout soother, deshedding brushes, natural shampoos and conditioners, dental dog treats, and other high-quality dog grooming tools.