Swiss Alps hike: Lively cattle, luscious cheese

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For our second day in Mürren, we decided to go on a legit Swiss Alps hike. So we took the Allmendhubel funicular (basically a slanty cable car) from Mürren up the side of the mountain, and then walked all the way back down to Grutschalp, and then took the train (the same BLM one from the previous video) back up to Mürren.

Along the way we saw a lot of cows – their bells could be heard pretty much throughout the hike. At one point two cows were blocking the path… while having sex. Obviously disturbing them would not have been wise (they’re huge animals), so we just had to wait there a while until they stopped and got out of the way.

We also visited a dairy in Winteregg and bought some of the freshest, most amazing cheese I’ve ever had in my life!