How to Support Your Child Through Divorce

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly stressful experience for all parties, including your children. It is important that you understand how they are feeling and to take appropriate measures to help them through the journey. Here are ways on how to support your child through a divorce.

Breaking the News

The first step you are going to have to take is to break the news to your children that you are planning to divorce from your partner. This step is usually the hardest of them all and you need to take time to plan how you are going to tell them. However, once you have broken the news, you will feel a weight off your shoulders and be able to begin looking forward. There is no easy way to let your children know, but it is important they are made aware of your plans beforehand.

Handling Reactions

The age of your child will reflect well they deal with the situation. It is perfectly normal for your child to get upset and anxious about the situation, so make sure that you are on hand to provide support and reassurance throughout. However, as every child is different, yours may take more time to fully understand what is going on. Letting your child know that it is okay to be upset will help them deal much better with their thoughts and feelings.

Helping them Cope

Divorce proceedings can drag out and be much longer than you anticipated. Whilst you will naturally be feeling upset and stressed, it is important that you are there for your child throughout the process. Make sure that you encourage your children to be honest with their thoughts and feelings. Every child will cope in numerous ways, so being able to relate and empathize with your child will be incredibly beneficial.

Staying Consistent

Although a divorce can change many things, it is important that you maintain a level of consistency and routine to keep your children and yourself settled. Providing familiarity and comfort throughout the process will give reassurance to your children and ensure that their school and social life are not heavily disrupted. If you must make substantial changes and transitions, try and implement them slowly into your child’s life so they have time to adjust.

Stay in Control

It is likely you and your ex-partner will be living in different households after your divorce, so keeping your discipline regime in place is vital. Having the same expectations and rules regarding bedtime, homework, and chores will help reduce any anxiety your children are experiencing. Although you will be facing a lot of stress, it is important that you stay in control always. Also, looking at Fort Worth Family Lawyers can give you more information on how a divorce is handled, as well as more information on child custody and support.

If you feel you need more help and guidance throughout your divorce proceedings, try and enlist help from friends and family who can give you the assistance you need, whether it is helping with the children or giving you a shoulder to cry on.